View Full Version : I can't log into game and I'm freaking out

Serpent Goddess
14th February 2015, 06:47 PM
I keep getting the 'page not responsive' thing. I play with my family, my husband and brother have both been able to log into game from their computers, but I can't. I have cleared cache, restarted both computer and modem. We are on same network. Husband tried to log in as me on his computer but failed. It appears to be account specific since they both are able to log in. All other pages work fine, just not the Mira game. Please help quick, I'm having withdrawals. Please rescue quick...ty
PS, hubby is internet/cable engineer for a living, so he knows what he's doing. Please don't tell me to clean this or that because its already been done.

Aliya Silver
16th February 2015, 06:48 PM
Hello Serpent Goddess,

I'd suggest to contact support so they can directly ask for the bits of information they'd probably need.
Here in forum we won't be able to detect or fix anything like that, especially if you already used first help.

Best regards,