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9th February 2015, 11:27 PM
Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you . . .

for the contributions to the consultation thread. Many suggestions were made, and the general consensus was that people would like forum competitions to continue in some form or other.

Thinking carefully about this and discussing the matter I propose this:

1. competitions are announced as before, with specific guidelines.

2. there is an extended time for thinking and trying - and a place made for people to ask questions about the how and wherefore

3. Entries are posted - showcased - anonymously by the forum team, and comments invited. These comments should be positive and specific according to the guidelines set out on the original competition thread. Any comments deemed inappropriate by the forum team will be removed or edited as their professional judgement indicates.

4. Once the showcase element has been accomplished I, with a select team of judges (who will remain anonymous but will not be from the pool of entrants) will read entries carefully, and the comments made. We will then decide on a final order.

5. As before, any plagiarism will be deemed an act of disqualification.

As before any queries come to me.

If you have any comments or questions to make please contact me and I will address them. I aim to have a new competition up and running by the end of February