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6th January 2015, 11:38 PM
First, please let me say how pleased I was with the standard of entries this time. A lot of care and effort had gone into them, and I was very pleased to see so many entries of such a standard. My congratulations to the entrants!

There were a fair few votes as well - thank you to all those who continue to support the competitions in the spirit with which they were set up.

And therein lies my concern.
I received complaints about the conduct and manner of two entries - after the Poll had closed.
This is not the first time, either.
This makes it very difficult to be completely fair and brings the poll system into disrepute.

After long and hard thought I have decided to award the unquestioned entries equally, and to review the competitions.

Perhaps it is time to bring them to a close.

If you would like to make representation to continue with them please post in this thread - the thread is moderated but I will be able to see your comments. In addition, if you have suggestions and advice as to how to adapt the system I would also be interested in hearing from you.

This period of consultation is the remainder of January.