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25th December 2014, 04:50 AM
I have happily been playing Mira for a while now and have no, not a one complaint! Until now, sorry Mira! I logged onto my game at approximately 9:45pm EST and did all the usual, checked everything. The last thing I usually do (and I look forward to it) is visit the Winter Fairy for my "prize". Well, today, she has kept it to herself!!! I cannot open the window for the 24th of December and that was the end of our Advent calendar! I have noticed while doing the calendar, that Mira's calendar seems to be a bit off. It is now 10:44pm EST and it is still December 24th, so I am a little confused as to dating/timing. One would think that Mira's December 24th would be the same as mine, but it seems that Mira's time frame is different. I realize that Mira is in Germany, but the timing should not be that far off!
I would appreciate some advice/help/gift if it is in Mira's power to grant.
Keep up the good work!!!!

25th December 2014, 11:25 AM
Just as the new day begins on UTC +...2, I think it is? (local time in Germany), so do our holidays and daily specials, such as the advent calendar. By the time you logged in, it was already Christmas Day in Germany, the 25th.

Aliya Silver
25th December 2014, 12:00 PM
Sorry athabasca6,

Rentara is right... EST is 5 hours behind the Mira/com time zone.
I'm really sorry you missed your last day of the advent calendar :(

Maybe this time zone map (http://forum.miramagia.com/showthread.php?t=4931) can help you in the future - for time changes (summertime/wintertime of com server) please look up our Miramagia Answers (http://answers.miramagia.com/?view=answers&action=answer&aid=180#go2answer)

Have a merry christmas,

26th December 2014, 03:00 AM
Thank you both very much Rentara and Aliya. I thought that might have been the problem but it is nice to have it confirmed. I hope you both have a very Merry Christmas, on in this case, a Happy Boxing Day!!!!!!