View Full Version : Christmas Trees - The Village Trees in winter

Aliya Silver
22nd November 2014, 10:57 AM
During the winter season, all village trees are magically transformed into christmas trees. So every village has one really tall christmas tree in its center. Normally the size and design of the village tree resembles its level - up to lvl14 (after that, the shape of the tree doesn't change any more).

So do the christmas trees, though not in size or height of the actual tree but in the richness of its decoration.
Here you can find a gallery of all different shapes according to their level.

Thank you very much for helping to create this gallery, evilcrowofdoom. :) It's much appreciated!


Level 1

A fir tree, as you would find it in the woods
with snow-covered branches.


Level 2

The tree is almost in its natural green still.
Three red christmas baubles have been attached to it.


Level 3

Yummy! A gingerbread man has been added and
a fourth red christmas bauble
gives some colour to the treetop.


Level 4

♫♪ "The bells never ring sweeter..."♪♫
Two golden bells are now twinkling
between the green branches -
you can almost hear their ding-ding-ding.


Level 5

More colour has been added to the tree:
two blue christmas baubles
reflect the clear Mira skies and
a third golden bell has been added at the top.


Level 6

Rich pearl chains are now encircling your tree
and an early wrapped present is waiting
to be opened at Christmas Eve.
Try to find it, it is well hidden behind the bulletin board!


Level 7

Someone found two more blue christmas baubles and
two more golden bells in their christmas decoration boxes.
What a beautiful chime, really a pity that it is
too gentle for us to hear.


Level 8

Oh look! Christmas preparations are progressing well:
a second wrapped present has been laid under your tree -
I wonder what's in there...?


Level 9

Christmas is a celebration of light -
and multicoloured chains of lights
now have appeared at your tree.
Not as contemplative as real candle light,
but definitely a merry sight!


Level 10

Miramagia's special energy now makes the lights
shine and glow in bright green, red, blue...
Have a look, they are taking turns!


Level 11

Green is the colour of hope -
so in this season of hope four green christmas baubles
have been put at your tree
and even another gingerbread man
is now keeping the first one company!


Level 12

Four bright yellow christmas baubles
found their way to your village tree
and fill up what space has been left empty until now.
Looks like the tree is almost finished...


Level 13

Santa Claus? Or little helping elfs and fairies?
Or an amiable village neighbour?
You will have to wait a little longer to find out
who placed that third wrapped present
in front of the tree.


Level 14

Finally, a star has been put at the top of the tree,
making it a fully decorated christmas tree.
Merry Christmas everyone!