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11th November 2014, 12:23 PM
I'm not certain if this is really a bug, but it feels very strange and not properly designed.
I decided to, for the first time, buy the wonderful starter package after my last transformation. In order to really use the benefit with all buildings 1 lvl up I waited a while with it and had just started the vaporisation of my fields lvl3 obstacles. Since the package would also remove my lvl1 obstactles, I had of course not touched them. Out of curiosity I noted the time and mana cost for my next vaporisation, unfortunately I did not take a print screen. This it what it said with lvl18 dragon:
Time: 37h 23 min
Cost: 5832 mana

After I had applied the package and fed my dragon up to lvl 25, the time and the mana were very much higher:
Time: 128 h 24 min
Cost: 15760 mana

So, if I had waited with applying the package until all other obstacles had been vaporised, I would have saved tons of mana and time. This was not clear and it actually feels like the "instant clearing lvl1 obstacles" is not a very good bonus if it only saves the user the cost for the lvl1 obstacles. I thought that it would save me the cost for the 12 last fields, which it would have done if I had applied it after level 51. Please change this or update the information.

Aliya Silver
11th November 2014, 05:57 PM
Hello Dragoness,

there is everything all right with it...

The mana costs and vaporisation time relate to the number of field tiles already cleared.

So let's say there are 11 lvl-1-obstacles, 8 lvl-2-obstacles and 7 lvl-3-obstacles on a field (something like that, I don't know the exact number right now).
The first obstacle you clear costs a certain amount of mana and time,
the second obstacle costs a certain amount of mana and time - a bit more than the first,
the third...

... the fifteenth...

So if you cleared a lvl2-obstacle first, you paid for the first obstacle and had to wait that time, even if it was a lvl2-obstacle... and so on.
If you cleared all your lvl2 and lvl3-obstacles, you did a total of 15 tiles and the costs displayed were those for the 16th tile.
Now after buying the starter package and not having cleared the lvl1-obstacles before on your own, the starter package did it for you and cleared another 11 tiles. So the next tile you are going to clear is the 27th! And of course this is much more expensive and takes longer than the 16th.

I hope I managed to explain it in an understandable way :)

Of course it's your own choice when and how you want to use the starter package... a lot of people to it right after TF so they have more field tiles from the start... missing those until you get to lvl 16 and you're allowed to learn vaporisation lvl 2 is the disadvantage of your way - so everyone has to choose what is more important/valuable to them.

Have a nice evening,

11th November 2014, 08:11 PM
Thank you for your answer Aliya, now it has at least been clearly explained. Sadly it makes the package much less useful, but it's good to know, just wish that it had been more clearly written somewhere. Maybe it could be added to Answers? There is nothing about the package there now, so a page about it would be good either way?

Hope you have a good evening too.

(Sorry if I sounded irritated, I was just so disappointed since there had been nothing preparing me for it.)

Aliya Silver
11th November 2014, 10:13 PM
Thank you for that suggestion, Dragoness - it will be put on the list for a future answers entry :)