View Full Version : Glowing Blue Fairy and other log on garden items

4th November 2014, 09:15 PM
First let me say, I don't have a way with words..so please forgive me if I can't explain what it is that I want to get across.
I have seen a couple of Glowing Blue Fairy items that people get for logging in so many day in a row, without skipping day, I assume. All I ever get are hairdo's and wonder if it is just a one time special that went around or is it a set thing?
Can anyone let me know..I have been playing about 6-8 months without missing a day and the ones that have these beautiful garden items, have skipped days and have not been playing as long as I have. And I am not being Accusatory as someone said one time before. Was just curious. And wanting one of them in a worse sorta way...lol
Thanks nuttynanny...:confused:

Aliya Silver
4th November 2014, 10:02 PM
Hello nuttynanny :)

These glowing decoration items can be won at one of the days of special rewards - and it's by chance what you are going to get then.

*glowing decoration (there's a number of different ones)
*small tree care crystal
*bonus hairdress
*2 uses of village tree watering
*20% XP bonus
*uses of one of the village tree decorations

So some day you will get them but it can take a while.