View Full Version : Someone stealing Mushroom and Fertilizer ##

2nd November 2014, 06:45 AM
Ok hello everybody,

I just want to knw, did/do anybody had this kind of problem before?
I've been monitoring this problem for almost a week, and YES, my mushroom and fertilizer(big n small) were missing everyday.
And today, was the worst, 4 masterful fertilizer were missing, 300++ mana mushroom, 200++ gold mushroom, 100++ seed mushroom and 300++ exp mushroom.
usually only 1 or 2 masterful fertilizer gone missing, and 100 to 200++ mush gone missing too.

I put a record of my mushroom and fertilizer everyday for a week to see the different, thats why i could come out with this figure.

Judging by this, I can say, that miramagia have a thief in its system. Please check this out. Thank you

Aliya Silver
2nd November 2014, 08:13 AM
Hello Eric,

I really can't imagine how thieving should be possible because you can use those items only within your own account.

If you really think someone is meddling with your account you should change your password instantly, and don't let your browser remember and auto-fill-in it. Also, in case you didn't already do it... please be sure to clear flash cache and cookies and check if your browser and flash player are up to date.

And please, whatever the reason for your strange disappearings might be - contact support so they can have a look.
Please give as much detail as possible. That list you're talking about together with dates/times of when these numbers were taken would be a very valuable information.

Hope this mystery will be solved soon,

2nd November 2014, 10:59 AM
I think you really dont get me.

As I said "thief in its system", mean bug or glitch whatsoever, that is the only logical reason that i could come out with.
Server based side have tendency to have this kind of problem.
And if you the type of player who keep stats of everything, I bet that you also will notice this problem. Try jot down everything from your mushroom, fertilizer, dragon boost, and you will notice what i am talking about.
Thats why i bring the issue here in this forum. Coz i knw some other players who also have this problem and being replied with frustrated answer by the support. Put the blame on player itself. Double clicking the culprit. Funny aite double clicking when that player dont even use fertilizer.
Also few weeks ago, I did see somebody mentioning bout this problem also in the general chat, but nobody bother to reply.

Sorry to say, if somebody meddling with my account, thats not even possible since i the only soul who got access to my account.

Thus my attention here, so you guys can bring this matter to developer itself. That there is a glitch or bug in the system regarding mushroom and fertilizer.
Hope you can understand that(am speaking not only for myself, but also for those who unable to spoke).

Thats all, thank you.

Aliya Silver
2nd November 2014, 01:33 PM
I got you all right :)

That's why i said

And please, whatever the reason for your strange disappearings might be - contact support so they can have a look.

Because support can start investigating, or pass it on to the techies, other players in the forum can't. And general chat isn't the right place for it, as well - there aren't always team members around who would by chance see it and pass it on.

Discussing concrete support tickets or their outcome isn't an option in this forum, even more so when it's about some ticket of someone else - nobody here has any relevant data about it so it would lead nowhere and get stuck at speculations, so that's why it is a general no-go.

I'm aware that there are some bugs now and then that are particularly tricky and will take a lot of time until it is able to rule out any accidents of the player, to verify them and reproduce them ... and that this process is very tiresome for players experiencing these bugs and who want to make support/techies/developers see it.

But let me reassure you that in fact our support team does its best and tries everything to sort out players' problems.