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2nd November 2014, 04:43 AM
In my valley, it appears we have a serious lack of new B.O's. At the rate that people are transforming, and the fact that our valley is quite respectful in regards to not taking others B.O's, we are going to run out soon.

Someone please inform the higher ups, of this impending doom.

Aliya Silver
2nd November 2014, 07:21 AM
Hello Slinky_Wizard,

I'm glad to hear your valley still uses BOs a lot and that the people there are so respectful :)

You don't need to worry about running out of BOs - one major change of the new competition system is to ensure there is always a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 100 BOs in every valley. That means: if in a valley the number of BOs drops under the given minimum, the system will give you a boost of BOs at the beginning of the new Mira-day - the minimum gets filled up plus your normal daily new BOs is generated plus your daily amount of new BOs in that valley gets increased because the system then knows it's a very active valley.

I hope this calms down your fears :)

Best regards,

2nd November 2014, 07:51 AM
Currently, there are only 10 B.O's left that no village has bid on, all the rest are "taken", at this rate, villages will have to win B.O's that other villages "own" if they want to go the B.O route before transforming in order to get gold. Which in our valley can't be a good thing.

A minimum of 30 B.O's doesn't help if they are all "taken". (by "taken", I mean a valley has placed a bid, thus giving some sense of ownership to that B.O, we don't want to tread on other people's toes.)

I think a minimum of 30 B.O's that no village has bid on would be more helpful.

Impending doom is still fast approaching, and my fears, they haven't subsided.

Aliya Silver
2nd November 2014, 08:26 AM
I understand your concern and I'm in awe of the thoughtfulness in your valley!

But maybe a tiny little bit more competitiveness wouldn't hurt. After all, they are competitions, too. And stepping back of entering a BO because of one village having donated a couple of plants ... hmm - what if a troll moves in and activates ALL BOs by donating one plant and the village doesn't even want to end them? ;)

Of course, if a village has already filled up 95%+ it is reasonable they are going to end it (and maybe planning to use it for a TF) so it's sensible not to interfere with it. But at low percentages it is absolutely normal and common and ok to enter yourself.

Have a fine day :)

2nd November 2014, 09:10 AM
Our valley is ranked 10th overall in the world in competitions so it's not like we are angels all the time, when it comes to harvest races , when our village is online, we try and win them all, which I imagine has made a few villages dislike us, so yes, our village is highly competitive,

as for the B.O's, many of the B.O's are "taken" by small villages, maybe they have 1 or 2 B.O's, how can the bigger, more organized villages rain on their parade? These smaller villages slowly fill their B.O's at their own pace. We can see the progress, slow it might be, but it is increasing.

Before the new competition update, we had what seemed like 100's of B.Os to choose from. I wish this new system would have more B.O's to choose from. I don't think 30 minimum is enough.

2nd November 2014, 09:41 PM
I fully agree.

grape koolade
3rd November 2014, 04:51 AM
I agree that we need more BOs per valley. When several people are ready to transform, it gets hard to find open BOs to use while still trying to avoid stomping on small villages' big orders.

grape koolade
3rd November 2014, 05:35 AM
It is also starting to be hard to find any big orders to participate in when they are nearly all being filled vigorously by a village where several high level players are getting ready to transform. We definitely need more BOs for this reason. Having 30 BOs min does not help when a single village has 20 of them filled to 99% so they can transform and then put the remaining plants in to get post XF gold. There need to be BOs that are available. Maybe the algorithm can check to see that there are 30 BOs that are filled to less than 5%, and increase the number of limited BOs and perhaps have a limited (5) and limited (100) (which is what there are now) and also a limited (50).

Captain Daisy
3rd November 2014, 05:51 AM
I come from a small village. In the past we have picked one BO each (2 active players so 2 BOs) and worked on them for the whole chloe of transformation. That means for quite a while they appear to be low - we can't stockpile and fill them at level 99 or we'd have no gold to build or buy spells or tickets from the COs. We can't compete with big villages and had relied on the understanding that non-ruby BOs weren't competitions like the other comps. Although they are called competitions and could be treated like comps players respected that they were ways of saving for transformation. Asking for more comps is fine but when one village in our valley has contributed to more than 10 BOs the only way forward is by treating them as comps. And small villages can't compete. So what are we supposed to do? Must we be in a big village? The limited BOs are for much smaller amounts so we would have to contribute to several to make up for what we could have made on the open one.
So Aliya - what can a little village do - we can't get to 95% overnight and we can't compete with the big villages. I know the game mechanics allow and encourage competition but it isn't nice in this circumstance. If you went to a party it isn't illegal for you to empty all the food into your bag, it is certainly possible to do so but you wouldn't do it.
I guess what I'm saying is please don't say "Well, it's a competition" because we hadn't been treating non-ruby BOs as comps. And don't say well, you only had 3 percent" because that was all that we could afford to put in at that time but we were working on it. And if you are a bigger village please spare a thought for the smaller villages.

3rd November 2014, 01:07 PM
I agree - the current situation is discouraging and is creating a lot of tension and animosity, at least in my valley, where the younger/smaller villages really have no way to compete now. It's made even worse by the fact that there has long been a spirit of cooperation in my valley, and many of us have come to rely on this understanding that we compete in harvest races but are more deferential in big orders so that villages can complete them at their own pace and use them for post-transformation gold. There are not nearly enough big orders to go around right now, and the result is that big villages getting ready for transformation can take over all the existing big orders. Yes, we still get partial payout for taking second place, but it takes away our ability to use those same big orders for our own transformations, and the big villages keep snapping up new big orders as soon as they're released. There just really isn't another way to earn gold quickly after a transformation - we are all used to relying on big orders when we transform, and it feels like this is being pulled out from under our feet!

Honestly, the lack of big orders right now, the way a few players are choosing to take over every big order, and the anger and hurt that is clear in my valley chat lately all have me reconsidering continuing to play this game. When there were more big orders available, the game felt much more collaborative - there were areas where we could compete (harvest races, dragon races) but there was still room for villages to move at their own pace in the big orders.

Please, please reconsider and open up more big orders at a time!

3rd November 2014, 07:12 PM
I agree with jessypie and the others above. Having several other villages take over nearly every available BO and also many of the Harvest races, is so discouraging. It just isn't fun anymore.

Aliya Silver
3rd November 2014, 08:15 PM
I can only tell you that com team is very aware of the difficulties and that the concern and complaints about the circumstances in the new competitions have been passed on to the developers - and of course, we will continue to forward players' feedback.

However, we can't MAKE them change anything...

The problem with too few BO's is -from what feedback I could see on the german servers, too- not a problem of the amount of BO's at first, but a problem of the prizes which are too low. So people who want to transform with the help of BO's can't be happy with two or three BO's to get a total of 2-3 million gold (which i think is about the average for transforming) but need to end 10-15 BO's to reach this sum now.

[editorial comment:
Really, I know the implications very well, and it makes me sad but at the moment we simply can't do anything else than try to cope and go on complaining to the devs - and hope they will see and change something for the better.
Personally I used to be a great fan of BO's myself for transforming and piggy-backing but since the change I don't even bother to have a look at them at all.]

Advice for transformations would be a mixture of strategies:
*Take a few BO's, not too many if you care about the other villages in your valley, too ;) but you don't need to let others take ALL of them either.
*Fill up a few HR's in order to get some additional prize gold in the next hours(day) after your TF.
*Buy expensive decoration as an investment and sell them after your TF.
I know it's not ideal because most people would love to let their villages participate in their transformation...
Maybe there's a way of talking to people and planning transformations in the valley in a way that helps each other - and most valleys on com have a low population. Maybe this eases your misery: The situation on the german servers is very different/worse ... there are a lot of valleys with more than 50 or even 80 villages and up to 100 inhabited villages in there - and people are finding ways to cope. They're not at all happy with it, but they are finding creative ways around the problem.

Advice for earning gold:
*Use HR's - places 2-4 mostly are more rewarding than place 1 which often needs to donate a lot of plants
*Deliver to good questies and the premiumquestie if you have the opportunity
*Sell plants at the market
*BO's were only good for earning gold when piggy-backing was still rewarding. At the moment they aren't a reasonable source of gold because ending them is always a huge loss and even on place 2-4 you won't be able to make enough gold to be worth the fuss...

I'm really sorry, this is all I can tell you right now.
The strategies we used to have before the change now need to be adjusted - at least for some time, hoping the devs will at last improve the situation again - and this is our challenge we have to tackle.
If we find ways to do so that take care of the weaker ones that would be great ;) but the main thing for all of us right now is: think about other/new ways...

3rd November 2014, 08:26 PM
The entire competition system is broken and made worse with the latest 'overhaul'.

We can whine and beg all we want and perhaps they throw us a bone.

I'm one of the players who doesn't particularly enjoy decorating, new clothes or sharing cookies and hugs, but I did enjoy competitions both dragon races and plant races comps. Now that's been 'improved' with added tensions and animosities and is no longer any fun for me. I can see that other players are having problems as well.

As a customer, I refuse to buy even a single ruby until this issue is fixed and is fun again. I did not take advantage of the recent ruby sale and once all my rubies are gone I'll be looking for some other games to enjoy unfortunately.

4th November 2014, 12:23 AM
I have to agree, this new system is not working for the majority of players. Villages that have worked together for a long time and enjoyed doing so are not happy. Unhappy players don't usually stay around for long. If this situation continues much longer I'll just wait till my membership and rubies expire and I won't buy more.

After that, I may come into the game from time to time to keep my spot in village but I too will be looking for another place with a better and more enjoyable syestem.

Captain Daisy
4th November 2014, 01:14 AM
Thanks for the suggestions, Aliya. We actually already use several of those and had limited our BOs to half a million per player, not a couple of million.Using your strategies meant that we could get by with a small BO payout so I can recommend them. They don't work by themselves, though, we still needed the BOs to have a more relaxing transformation.

16th November 2014, 12:14 AM
Yea, right guys, so we all know the unwritten rules for the BO's but the mod says that the bigger villages can just come in and rob us of our hard worked for savings, infact she is encouring them to do that. The owners of this game would love us all to fight each other, then they can start inter village raids or 'guild wars' as they were called in Traviland. Then we can have a tournament area outside the town and fight each other to the death ...... NO WAY! If we want that sort of game we can go play Travian (the war game)
PS: Thanks to the members of the big villages for refusing to destroy us smaller players
luv nutasha

Aliya Silver
16th November 2014, 08:12 AM
I think you are slightly misinterpreting a few things, nutasha :)

The owners of the game have no intention at all to see you fight each other into destruction, for wars or raids of any kind or "rob" you of anything you gained.
On the contrary, the new categories which have been introduced with the new competition system are only for the protection of small or unexperienced villages against big, wealthy and experienced villages.
But competitions ARE competitions and they have been invented in the first place to give players an opportunity to compete with each other if they want to do so.

So I'd like to ask you to not speculate or dramatize in such a way, thank you :)

19th November 2014, 12:31 PM
It's very kind of people to not take over the BO's when a village has started working on filling them. However, there's no reason you can't enter *some* plants. You'll still get money for second, third, etc. And perhaps seeing that other villages are entering will encourage the first village to finish a little more quickly, if they can.
Honestly, with the number of Harvest Races available every day or two, it's not really a huge deal to have BO's for transformation anyway. It doesn't take that long to get gold again. I also like being able to give myself gifts before I transform, to use up a bunch of the mana I don't need, and then sell those gifts back at the shop after transforming. More instant gold.

20th November 2014, 02:16 AM
I fully agree with Slinky-Wizard, Jessypie, grape koolade, Captian Daisy and practically every other player in this post, I really wish we could have more BO's then 30. We have 44 Bo's currently active in my valley yet all but 11 have at least 1 village "competing". Of those 44, 4 have rubies attached of which all have 3 or more villages "competing" yet all of those have been "taken" by 2 villages, more specifically my valleys' top 2 villages.

On a positive note I will say that I do like the other part of the new system; HR = 5 won, 100 won, and open. Maybe we could also have 200 won?

(if you feel like reading an unprofessional rant please check out my bio page but understand that it is what it is)

25th November 2014, 08:27 PM
this new systems is not fair on anyone it holds up the bigger villages and lets down the smaller villages why oh why did you change the system.... I am sure a lot of players who do not have full villages are really fed, the game is spoilt ... Aliya not sure why you did the wording in your post in bold to me that smacks of you being a bully shouting the loudest not nice

5th December 2014, 02:41 AM
You don't need to worry about running out of BOs - one major change of the new competition system is to ensure there is always a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 100 BOs in every valley.

Our valley currently has 16 B.O's that are visible to me. Our valley has won over 100 comps, so that must mean the 30 minimum B.O's must include B.O's that cater to low winning villages?

Out of those 16 currently available to our village, 2 are now free. I'm guessing you could call this running out of B.O's.

Aliya Silver
5th December 2014, 06:38 AM
Hm, did you check what other BOs are running? There's a filter button for it...

You could call it that but 16 available BOs is quite a comfortable amount - there have been much worse situations in valleys on some servers before the change of system. Meaning that a certain amount was generated daily (about 3-5) and literally no BO ever was available because every time one was opened, there were the same two-three villages which donated 100% within 2 minutes. That is what is known as running out of BO's ;) and that was what i meant.

Though I have some good news for all of you:
The developers wrote in the german forum that they are aware of the lasting problems and are not untouched by them.
But I can't give an interpretation of what that means exactly - there is no more information on it.

5th December 2014, 09:15 AM
All 3 boxes are ticked, the show HR, the show B.O's and show comps my village is unable to enter etc.

still only 16 B.O's available, a far cry from the minimum of 30 that are supposed to be there. For you Aliya, 16 might be comfortable, but for our village, we respectfully disagree, 16 ( with 2 not taken ) makes things awkward. and uncomfortable.