View Full Version : Market backlog after update

10th October 2014, 08:16 PM
I noticed that since the Comps changed, there are a lot of crops in the market for sale, and they're not moving. Obviously people are trying to get their gold elsewhere, as am I - but this Comp mess has sent a cascade throughout the whole game that's very detrimental to both players and TG alike.

I also noticed there's an unusually high backlog in the market for crops that you would not expect to be around for long, like miramitsus and mirabelles (to some extent).

I'm not selling more stuffs on the market, it just seems the demand is less than before. Your thoughts on why there's a backlog and if it's a temporary thing or not :)

Aliya Silver
11th October 2014, 09:58 AM
the reason for that is quite obvious :D there's less demand than there are offers...

as for miramitsu: at the moment there are no miramitsu in any of the comps - the devs are aware of that so let's hope it gets fixed very soon.
as for mirabelles and fanfare reeds: previously those two plants were needed in a lot of BOs and in huge amounts - now the generation of the BOs has been changed and the amounts of plants in them are based on what can be grown in a reasonable time... even 500thousand winking roots can be produced quicker than 20thousand mirabelles ;) so previously there was a very high demand of those two plants and that led to very sparce market offers, now they are going to develop a similar market pattern than the other plants.

so the situation about miramitsu should be temporary - the market of mirabelles and fanfare reeds now is about to level itself out according to the new situation.