View Full Version : The Mushroom Reaper and Other Mira Tales of Horror

30th September 2014, 11:57 PM
Have you ever heard of the Mushroom Reaper? All good Mira children should know about the Mushroom Reaper, and know to avoid him. Of course, I never put much stock in such tales until I understood the terror first hand myself...

It happened one day in late autumn when I was enjoying the cool air outside for a change, tending to optic plants while searching for some rare mushrooms. I'd been trying to complete my rare mushroom collection for ages and only had a few left to go. There were plenty of other mushrooms around, but they weren't the ones I wanted so I ignored them. They began to crowd around the edge of my field but still I ignored them. My disregard must have triggered something. A chill breeze blew across Mira and clouds blocked the warm autumn light.

A strange player suddenly teleported into my village wearing tattered black robes that never could have seen the shelves of Emma's Boutique. He held a scythe in his hand and I could only think that he was perhaps an avid gardener who preferred to harvest without using magic. A little strange but Mirans don't discriminate. He stood under the tree for a moment as if he hadn't noticed me standing there, so I thought perhaps he simply wished to admire it. I started to greet him but when he turned to me his eyes were a deep blood red. A chill ran up my spine and it felt as if all my magic were slowly beginning to fade away. My optic plants turned to stare at the stranger as if drawn to him. Their eyes soon became like his, a process I watched in horror. I covered my own eyes, terrified they would become the same. I was too scared to remain so I ran inside my house, praying that my magic could save me. The other villagers were all away so I was alone.

From outside I heard a sound that I realized was the sound of a scythe swishing through the air. A swish and then a thwack as it cut through it's target. Once the noise faded it took a long time for me to finally calm down. I checked my eyes in a mirror, they were still normal. I didn't get the courage to go outside until a neighbor came knocking on my door. The mushrooms were gone and my optic plants were withered, their eyes closed forever.

All Mirans... beware the Mushroom Reaper. Don't let him be drawn to your village by neglected mushrooms. If he comes you must close your eyes or just like the optic plants you too will wither and die!

(This tale is a work of fiction.)