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27th August 2014, 01:15 PM
Hi Mirafolks! I got so excited over the announcement of Competition #19 that I sort of went off the topic and once I realized I strayed from the requirements I requested my entry be removed from the competition. I had a lot of fun writing in my virtual Mira Diary so when CoMaMage suggested I place my entry here in the forum I thought it was a great idea. So here's my contribution for bringing a little sunshine into the lives of Miramagians!

Dear Diary

OMGosh I woke up with a fright this morning as I overslept by an hour and of course this would happen on the day my precious leafers would bloom at 6:00. There was definitely no time to grab my morning coffee as I feared the last of the leafers would be expired and I would have to wait another 40 plus hours to finish that dreadful Great Cultivator achievement!

As luck would have it I arrived on my field, still dressed in my pj's mind you as Colin the Bailiff was kind enough to point out with the most annoying of smirks on his face as he hustled up the path behind me to where my extremely precious crop of leafers was in full bloom, in the nick of time.

As I huffed and puffed (that hilly path can take a lot out of ya when you are rushing up it at full speed especially without your morning coffee) and plopped myself on the ground I could hear Colin laughing most jolly.

"What could possibly have you laughing so hard," I asked him.

"It's always the same thing with you mirafolks," he replied.

"What exactly is that suppose to mean," I inquired.

As he moved closer to sit down I could see and hear I wasn't the only one in Middle Broomfield gasping for air after the hike up the hill and returned his smirk from earlier when I was grabbing my village assistant pay from him.

"I've been stationed here in Middle Broomfield for almost 3 years now and I have witnessed some rather amusing moments during that time," he replied as he removed his hat and began wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"Such as," I asked.

"Where to begin," he replied letting out a most jovial laughter that closely resembled something one would expect to hear from Santa Claus!

"Well let me see there was that time Marnie tripped over her feet and rolled down the path after harvesting her crystal ferns in the dark. I'll never understand why you little farmers are in such a hurry to pluck your fields. You're like postal workers harvesting in the wind, rain and snow! No wait! You are more dedicated as you mirafolks can be found harvesting crops with nothing more than the moon to light your way on some occasions."

Oh Diary, I have to admit Colin is absolutely right! On more than one occasion I've burned the midnight oil growing key beets, mushrooms or winking roots.

"What else have you seen," I cautiously asked him?

"I'm not sure I should tell you," he answered while grinning at me from ear to ear.

I told him, "Oh come on you can tell me, Colin. We are all friends in this village. I'm sure anything you have to say I probably already know."

Would you believe he said, "Maybe you do and maybe you don't."

My curiousity was growing by leaps and bounds Diary and before I knew it I was blurting out, "Hey look I'm the village elder. You can tell me anything." Diary we both know the village elder is not as glorious a job as I made it sound at that moment BUT I had to know what he knew!

Was he listening in on our daily conversations?

Was he passing on information to the other villagers regarding how many alarm attacks I had readily available during dragon races?

No, that would be the work of the magic spy AND I always double check to be sure he hasn't entered Izzy B's dragon lair when I'm not around. Yep, I always remember to prop a water bucket above the doorway just like I told you I do. Not once has the bucket tipped over so I guess Izzy's flight maneuvers are still a mystery to the rest of the village. Phew!

Unfortunately Diary I didn't have a lot of time and had to put an end to my interrogation um I mean our conversation -- I really needed that cup of coffee! So I said my pleasant goodbyes and began walking back down the hill mentioning to Colin that I would like to sign up once more for assistant pay. Once we reached his post he logged me out and waved goodbye. I waved back and took my leave of Miramagia.

Big mistake Diary! Not more than five minutes had passed when it hit me! I had to go back to my field and pronto.

I sheepishly logged back in and found Colin with tears rolling down his cheeks, holding his stomach AND laughing uncontrollably.

"This would be what the 12th time you forgot to plant new crops," he asked adding, "See I told I've seen many amusing things in this here village! Why just the other day you were swatting yourself on the forehead while groaning loud enough for anyone in the village to hear, "Oh good Lord how could I have forgotten to plant new crops AGAIN?"

"Yep it's always the same thing with you mirafolks! Plant and harvest your crops. Water your tree. Donate to Competitions and Big Orders. Play pranks on each other. Day or night right here is where you will be! And I get to sit back and watch the whole thing -- comedy doesn't get any better than that," he replied while laughing even harder than before.

Oh Diary how can I ever look Colin in the face again? He knows my secret! I'm addicted to Miramagia! First thing tomorrow I have to make my way into the city and stop by Emma's boutique. Perhaps I can find the perfect disguise on the clothing racks. A new hairdo might be needed too! Should I warn the others that Mr. Colin isn't EXACTLY the quiet type we all thought him to be? I guess I should huh? Yes I should.

Well Diary time for bed. Tomorrow comes awfully quickly and I don't want my morning dews to wilt. Only 1300 more to grow before I reach 5,000.

But first, Diary can I tell you something? Boy I sure do wish I had seen Marnie rolling down the path to her field! Colin must've been laughing over that spectacle for hours. I know I would have! LOL

Good night Diary. <3

30th August 2014, 08:51 PM
Good diary post, I'm sure most of us can relate :)

25th September 2014, 11:12 AM
Awesome post! I can definitely relate, big time :)