View Full Version : Map questies and mushroom exchange failures ##

16th August 2014, 07:40 AM
Three times now I have traded with a map questie (with camel) who wants to trade mushrooms. Three times I've traded seed or gold ones for mana ones. The seed or gold ones are taken from my collection, but the promised mana ones do not appear.

I've refreshed, cleared cache, and said some very nasty things. None of which gave me the mana mushrooms. Any suggestions other than ignore this type of questie in the future?


16th August 2014, 10:13 AM
Why not ask support to take a look at the logs?

20th August 2014, 11:19 PM
Why not ask support to take a look at the logs?

Hi, Dragon -

Honestly, I'd love to. But so far, this forum is the closest thing I've seen to contact Support. I realize that sounds lame, but it's the truth. Point me at the Support section and I'll work on being better - I promise!


Aliya Silver
21st August 2014, 09:45 AM
Hello FragmentFour,

there are numerous ways of how to contact support...

You can just open your ingame mailbox at "new message" and click the "support" button - then you can choose between premium support (ruby issues only) and support team (general support for technical and game issues).

Or you can click the yellow question mark in the top tool bar (near the logout-button) and then select "support".

Or you could write an email to support@miramagia.com.

Or after logout: scroll down a bit - there's a number of links to Forum|Help|Game Rules|Terms&Conditions... If you click "Help", you will find the option to "Contact Game Support".

Thank you for bringing that to our attention again^^ - a "how to contact support" information in forum as well in answers will be created soon.

Have a nice day :)