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30th July 2014, 12:10 AM
I have been vaporizing fields manually and, Recently from scratch cards I`ve won about 2 weeks of extended field. I am unable to plant the full field manually or even plant the full section of the extended. I end up with a bug saying too many requests in too short of time and then I can no longer click anything. I have to close out the window entirely and re-open it to continue planting. I have cleared my flash cache about 3 times. I recently went through and cleared out my browser history as well too. That had typically fixed this dilemma. my web browser is google chrome and has been since I`ve started playing.

This feels to be a re-curing issue where manually planting your field causes your game to freeze up. What is the point to vaporizing your entire area or even getting the extended field? It just feels to cause more issues.

a better long term solution would be too. make busy little helpers the norm. As to what you substitute for either silver club or gold club I am not certain.

I have been playing for a few years and I`ve taken breaks and typically this is what brings on my breaks as I am no longer able to play the game.(or the frustration to plant a crop for a day takes over 15 minutes to do.) After a few patches or so somehow it gets fixed not sure what goes on that makes planting the field manually so difficult (I havn`t had issue manually harvesting a field since I`ve returned from my last break so progress is being made with this little manual farming bugs.)

Aliya Silver
30th July 2014, 07:15 AM
Hello Samdoo,

I'm sorry that you're experiencing these problems - but really this is a rare case :) Usually planting and harvesting manually works quite well. So maybe there is a problem your way down the road, and I hope we find something to fix it.

*Please give us some information about your system as well:
Windows? Other? which version?
Browser version?
Flash player version?

*What about your flash player settings? How much would you allow it to save? (Should be set to at least 100kb)
=> Right-click in Mira and chose "Settings", then search for an option that looks like that:

*What kind of internet connection do you use?
WLAN or not? How much data per second? (please be careful to check the REAL amounts - paying for a huge and fast access doesn't always mean you really reach those promised numbers...)

*Have you checked the task manager for hints about CPU%, process data amount and so on?

*What else - apart from Mira - would you usually run in your browser at the same time?

There may be a number of other things to check, this is all I can think of right now :)

The more information we have the better we can guess at the reason for your problems.
Again sorry and thank you for looking these things up :)


30th July 2014, 04:40 PM
Alrighty... system is windows 7. Using Google chrome which automatically updates itself and the plug-ins.

Yep my flash settings are all good.

Yes using wireless connection(use wireless connection as well for games that I know use more bandwidth than Mira.) Taske manager.. The internet browser is running, skype is running and an anti-virus is running.

My other tabs on my browser would be Travian (today I had the issue with just a travian tab open) and an occasional facebook tab.

So does that put it the more things to check section?

30th July 2014, 04:45 PM
oh.. I just found a forum bug as well(might as well just tack it on here opposed to opening a new thread).. Under the + reply to thread button there is a back arrow and words in a language other than english.. Here is a print scrn link of what I am seeing. http://prntscr.com/47ucpw

Aliya Silver
30th July 2014, 05:05 PM
Thank you Samdoo :)

let's hope the techies can make some use of your info and sort that problem!

And yes, at various places in the forum you can find these irritating bits of options in an out-of-place language. We are aware of it but up to now nobody could find a way to fix it - it seems they are effects of the merging of the different forums some time ago.

13th August 2014, 04:50 PM
Hmm I`ve still been having some issues planting my whole field.. It seems to be related to how long I stay on the page. I`ll plant a few fields of towerkrauts but it feels like after a hour of being continuously logged into Mira it seems to lag and glitch a bit. Should I just try to make sure I re-log hourly or something. I do have all garden decoration disabled as well.