View Full Version : Villages in the valley - growth by transformations

Aliya Silver
25th June 2014, 02:14 PM
In the valley, the size of a village resembles the number of transformations performed by its inhabitants.
Starting with a flat landscape, a village develops a hill that will grow into an impressive mountain crowned with sparkling crystals:

Abandoned villages

They don't have a name tag, the houses are decayed, there is no village tree, huge rocks surround the area in which a new village community may settle.

No transformations

Flat landscape with some fir trees.

One transformation

A knoll begins to rise, a little pond on its top.

Two transformations

The hill is growing considerably, a well is purling into the pond.

Three transformations

The hill is becoming higher and steeper, rocks are erupting from its top.

Four transformations

A mystical gate appeared on the hilltop between all the rocks.

Five transformations

The pond has vanished and a tree with bright red leaves is now growing on the hilltop, instead of the mystical gate several menhirs are flanking it.

Six and seven transformations

On top of the hill you can now see a grave mound, with a little fir tree growing on it and a low campfire in front.

Eight and nine transformations

The hill is growing into a mountain, the rock face that appeared literally looks like a friendly stone face.

Ten and eleven transformations

A widespread forest is growing on the flanks of the mountain, the first blue and purple crystals are showing between the grey rocks on its top.

Twelve and thirteen transformations

A single chamois has climbed the mountain's top, more purple crystals are growing from the rocks.

Fourteen and fifteen transformations

The path to the summit is lined with crystals, a steep stair of rough stone leads to a hermits home beside the pond, that has reappeared.

Sixteen and more transformations

Powerful sparkling crystals have been growing thanks to so many transformations, fresh water is cascading down from the peak into a clear lake.