View Full Version : Village Organizer Looking to help (com server)

19th June 2014, 03:21 AM
First off.. I know a massive shock seeing someone post here instead of village seeking player and I mean a long term and hopefully unending thread.

Next I will like to add I am in no means "village hoping" I will only enter a village per a village elder request after a previous request is finished.

I will add now feel free to message at samdoo (same as my forum name) if you would like some small tips and advice for your village. ( I can`t go through your Big Orders from the outside but I can help with some miramagia culture and just things you may have not thought about. I am open to learn too.)

I`ll now add a few small requirements before I will move into your village. I`d like to see a village tree at least level 5. and 3 Active players signing in at least every other day. Yep thats about all I want to see.

Things I can help with include: organizing your village, Help establish a full and fun culture while staying on your game and playing how you want to, Preparing for transformations and maybe even other things I may have never yet thought of.

Ideally I would want to stay in your village for a week minimum but depending on requests and such I will be very willing to stay longer.