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14th June 2014, 09:49 PM
I learned something new about Dragon Races today. There were four folks in my village that were all going to transform together today. However we were all in a village race. So three players threw the white flag and withdrew from the race. When I tried to withdraw I was told I could not because that would leave only one player still in the race. Seems like I will have to wait till the race is over in about 32 hours till I can transform and meet my villagers on the other side. I told them that it wasn't anyones fault and that they should go ahead and cash in a few of the BO's, just leave a few for me when the race is over. What the heck, it will give me a little more time to maybe find that hidden mushroom.

15th June 2014, 01:23 PM
Hello Mater,

Yes if everybody leave the race and you are with just one guy you can't leave this race.

A suggestion was given to travian for change that but we don't where it this.


Aliya Silver
23rd June 2014, 08:28 AM
That suggestion was made in the german forum, too... several times.
And what could be guessed from the discussions is:
- it would either result in abuse of the function only to get the winnings or
- it would be very complex to invent and write the code to a mode of such a function that will prevent abuse.

So most likely we won't see that getting changed.

We just have to plan ahead - and if you know you want to transform tomorrow, it's better not to start a slow race today ;)

I play 4 fun
4th February 2015, 10:45 PM
A possible solution could be, if you quit a race, you would have to wait X-amount of time before you would be able to quit another race. Or, participate in X-amount of races (you don't have to win) before you can quit again.