View Full Version : The Development of the Magic Seedling

Aliya Silver
13th June 2014, 07:08 PM
Every day you are travelling to the world of Miramagia, you will get a little present from the Regularity Bonus System.
When you have logged on for five days in a row for the first time, you will receive the mysterious Magic Seedling. It will be placed in your garden inventory automatically - you can easily recognize the tiny tree by the little world icon right beside it.

Every time you fulfill a series of 50 days in a row, it will level up and change its appearance.
Otherwise it is just "normal" decoration - any rumour saying it will give you some bonus of any kind isn't true.


Level 1:

This is what the Magic Seedling looks like when you receive it
at the 5th day of your first series of the Regularity Bonus.
Its magical flame is animated and will flicker from time to time.


Level 2:

At the 50th day of your first series of the Regularity Bonus
your seedling will grow into a little tree.
Lots of leaves are sprouting and the number of magic flames is increasing.


Level 3:

The trunk is getting thicker and a little well
is emerging from between the roots.


Level 4:

The well is developing into a larger basin
and evolves to the form of a dragon's head.


Level 5:

More and more crystals are embellishing the basin
and in the water the green leaf of an unknown plant has appeared.
The dragon is getting larger, too, and in the tree's crown
some blue hangings have grown overnight.


Level 6:

The plant in the basin of the well is developing a red bud,
the dragon has grown so much
that even his tail now can be clearly seen.
The first yellow fruits are dangling from the twigs.


Level 7:

The bud has opened to a red star-shaped flower,
the dragon's tail is getting thicker and the leaves
in the tree-top are starting to change their colour to teal.
In the middle of the tree's crown a cleft is beginning to form.


Level 8:

The cleft is deepening, almost all the leaves have turned teal.
Apparently the first fruits are ripe now, they look like lampions.
The flower has grown a visible pistil.


Level 9:

The tree-top is now cleaving down to the dragon's back,
all the leaves are now coloured teal
and they are floating around the bulb-like fruits.
The flower seems to wither again.


Level 10:

Considerably more lampion fruit have emerged
and the flower has completely vanished again.
Some of the crystals surrounding the basin of the well
are starting to change colour to teal like the leaves of the tree
and the dragon's horns have changed to a light blue.


Level 11:

The dragon has grown from a baby dragon waterspout
to a young dragon who is guarding the seedling's pond.
He raises his head, ready to welcome the worthy visitor.


Level 12:

The juvenile dragon rises on his front paws - his elegant build
and his dignified gaze fascinate the unaware passers-by.
The tree finally has divided and developed significant sections.


Level 13:

The dragon folds his front paws in front of his breast -
applauding, in excitement?
Or is he hiding something in his palms?


Level 14:

The tree's leaves seem to be melting and start dripping.
A number of new golden fruits have appeared,
and the tree is now stretching its roots for new ground.
Some more of the crystals seaming the basin
have turned from purple to teal and the dragon
presents his palms - which are... empty.


Level 15:

The leaves and fruits have exchanged their colours -
leaves are now golden and the lampion fruits are light blue.
The water of the well is now flowing from a bowl
which has appeared in the dragon's front paws,
it has changed to an iridescent green
and all crystals have turned to blue.
The dragon has turned its head to the left.


Level 16:

The leaves show a marvellous play of colours ranging from
gold to indigo blue and the roof of leaves has grown some
more and closed the gap again.
The crystals around the basin have turned rather pale.
The dragon's eyes are now a deep blue and an orb of light
has appeared which is floating up and down over the bowl
in its paws.

The maximum level of the Magic Seedling has been set to 16. After having reached this level, your seedling won't change any further but you'll receive a second seedling instead next time you finish a complete series of 50 consecutive days of logging in to the game.