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26th April 2014, 01:44 PM
I my name is Tracy also known as Stormborn, I’m 45 and I hail from Valley of Magic, In real life I am from Missouri, USA. I enjoy in my spare time pencil drawing and painting. Or just like curling up to a really good book.

I have only been playing since March 2014, and fell in love with mira as soon as I logged on and started playing, with my helpful character has merited me the position of chat support, I plan to do my best in helping one and all on mira, while still being the friendly and helpful person which I naturally am. So please,feel free to speak to me ^_^ join me either in the city or in the general chat or Valley of Magic where I am usually up to some role playing fun.

14th October 2014, 03:22 AM
Hi to all of Mira, I am still known as Stormborn, and I still hail from the Valley of Magic. In real like just moved to a new home here in Missouri and loving it all ready only one week in new home. I still love to pencil draw and painting. or curl up to a good book. I am still in love with mira and love helping others. Im still able to be found in the city, in general chat or valley of Magic where i am still up for some role playing fun.