View Full Version : Another flaw with "new posts" ##

11th April 2014, 08:50 AM
So I've been monitoring the reporting of the bugs with the forum switch, and I just found a new one to add to the "awareness" category.

Every time I go to the "new posts" section, no matter how many times I click the "mark forums as read" link, if I navigate away from "new posts" and then back, these two threads re-appear:


Not sure why they're not fully clearing, but it's a little annoying. Especially considering the existing issue with languages.

I know the forum is being revamped, so I'm not worried about this being solved right away, just wanted to make it a known issue.

update: because I clicked through to the two threads in order to copy/paste their url's in this post, it has finally cleared them from the "new posts" record. I've never had that problem before.