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4th January 2014, 11:24 AM
Greetings fellow miramagicians

The Great Work known as the Update of Answers has begun.

I am looking for people who will edit, and advise as to how an entry can be improved.

Will you help?

My plan?

I will post here the entries that have been worked on. You post here what needs changing, editing. I do so, thank you and delete your post.

For instance: I have recently done the information on Transformation

I am working on the Dreamworld stuff.
What is where in the Dreamworld?
Alchemy Quests
Village Elder

As a wise player said 'Rome was not built in a day' but together we can rebuild Answers!

4th January 2014, 10:05 PM
Well.. i started to read some answers and would like to put them in categories for better searching - orange marked text are points, where i'm not sure anymore.

Magical Transformation:

- Gold will be reset to 1000, mana to 300, unless you have taken advantage of a Crystal Island bonus
• As i know, it has only been 500 gold & 150 mana /did something changed there what i forgot?

• as we had in chat last time: bonus of growing time from crystal for each transformation is 1% and not 0.5%... it has been increased with the patch from 27th august 2013 when the dreamworld was patched in

- Zones will reset
• as i know is has been changed one day.. you keep your zone active after transformation, but it is only lvl 1 furthermore
• only counts for selfspelld zones, winning of tents don't count
• as a tipp: you could prolong the duration of the curent zone and then use the spell to change to your liked zone before doing transformation

What you get:
• The option to upgrade you buildings higher and get better laboratory items

Done. Thank you

Alchemy Quests
GoldenAlchemy Quests

Golden Daily Quests look a lot like the normal Daily Quests. They might be a bit
harder for you to fix, though they will give you something extra. Besides Experience
Points and Miragic, after completion they will also reward you with an exclusive Garden Object
• it should be a laboratory object

Alchemy Quests:
• you can find a special garden object (better: one part of a set of garden objects) sometimes on alchemy quests

This section has been reworked and added to.


Miragic is obtained by performing a Magical Transformation. When reaching level 90,
you will see how much Miragic you have collected to far. Once you reached level 100,
its strength is set and you can not increase your Miragic anymore.
• you can still obtain miramagic from alchemy quests and as i know from questies also

• you can also obtain miramagic from Miramitsu (new plant)

The following possessions are transformed into Miragic:
* Building levels
* Level of your dragon
* Lab items
* Gold amount
* Plant inventories
* Mana amount
and also from:
• dragon food
• plants on market

Thank you - amended

Village elder

Who is the Village Elder?
The Village Elder is always the first player to reach the final tutorial in his/her village.
• there is no last quest anymore since the dschin is giving the harvest-quests now... if i remember right, it should now be the quest 56 where you need to buy the "buisy helpers"... often i read about they made the last quest easier, where you have to win a comp or serve a lot of questies, so not sure if there is maybe a bug actually and the quest does not appear anymore

If more than one player acheives this at the same time, the one who has lived in the village
the longest becomes the Village Elder.

• typo :p


So far from me now.

Greets, K8i

4th January 2014, 10:07 PM
One more points.

In addition to "how to access the dreamworld" the information, that you can enter your dreamworld after transformation with lvl 1 will be nice. :)

Greets, K8i

Done. Thank you

4th January 2014, 11:17 PM
Hmm.. the stream is loading.. more time to find new points. :)

I have a question about…

What are Rubies and how can I get more of them?

Rubies are the currency for the Premium features in the game, they can be bought using real money (Euros) and be credited to your account.
• this should be international now :-)
• in addition: you can earn rubies via sponsoerd links/payments

I have actually changed this a bit. Please check it works!

What is Optic Plant and how do i get it?
• two more optic plants have been added
• you can get them also via "wheel of fortune" and "tent of magic"
• optic plant mush have to been collected (EP: 5 / Mana: 7)

Done - and image added

What Premium features are available?
• redesign to 70% needed


5th January 2014, 09:12 PM
Thank you k8i - very helpful.. As you can see I am working through the entries you have identified and amedning them. I would appreciate some editorial comments to make sure typos and presentation are of a satisfactory high standard

Anyone else identified an entry that needs amending/updating?

6th January 2014, 01:16 AM
Perhaps this could be corrected:

Zones will reset to level 1 if they are active at the time of Transformation if the spell is cast by yourself; zones won as a daily proze are unaffected by Transformation

The Magic Circle will produce 5% more mana per level then before

Done! Thank you!

6th January 2014, 08:39 PM
And let's do some more...

I have a question about…

...technical problems about the game
Let's get into the details:
My Avatar won't move any more
• Topic is emtpy / does not open

entry deleted

Let's get into the details:
Login Problems
My Account doesn't exist

Also check out to see if you try to login to the right server. There are 3 English servers:

www.miramagia.com (http://www.miramagia.com)
www.miramagia.us (http://www.miramagia.us)
www.miramagia.co.uk (http://www.miramagia.co.uk)
• Now there is only one server

has been corrected earlier

Why i can't log in?

As there are multiple English servers, please make sure you are also a the right server.
• Same here, only one server is existing
• especially after updates the cookies are a problem or the flash cache is running over.. should also be added how to clear them or maybe link to the great helping-thread here in forum

entry revised

I have a question about…

...the game interface
Let's get into the details:
top tool bar

If you have the CLUB account it will also give additional information about the other plants that are growing in your fields.
• as i know no premium account is needed for this feature

This is the middle of the top toolbar and clearly shows the Village name - to the left - Leigh Draconis - and the Valley - Valley of Dragons - to the right.
• in addition you can see visiters there when there is someone

Here is the remainder of the toolbar, to the right.
• Outdated picture and descirptions

entry has been completely revised

What do the green and orange numbers mean?
• Outdated pciture (EP and harvesting amount are now one upon the other)

entry revised and expanded, title changed - now: What do the ascending numbers mean?

I have a question about…
...the interaction with other players
Let's get into the details:
How can i use chat-clouds?
• in addition you can pull the bubble around when you sit

entry revised and expanded, title changed - now: Talking face to face - Short Chat

How do I chat with other players?

The following chatrooms are also available:
1. General chat
2. Valley chat
3. Village chat
4. Off-Topic chat
5. Help chat
6. Private chat
• Changed to searching chat

entry completely revised and expanded

How do I send messages in the game?

• Outdated pictures

Mass Mails
You can send 1 free Mass Mail per week, with the Club Account you can send an unlimited amount of mass mails.
To make use of a Mass Mail, tick the Mass Mail option and add as much recipients as you like.
• changed.. now you need to transform before you can use it

entry completely revised and expanded

Can I move to another village / valley?

• Outdated pciture

entry completely revised, divided and expanded, new titles: The move village menu and Can I move to my friend's village?

Is there a friends list?

• outdated picture

entry completely revised and expanded, newest picture will be added later

The Bulletin Board

• one picture is oversized

The public button allows the elder to decide if the messages on the bulletin board are to be read by villagers only or all players.
• every villager can decide to make it public or not

entry completely revised

Who is the Village Leader?

• outdated picture and navigation to leader-avatar

soon to come

What is the blacklist?

• Outdated pictures

What happens to people on the blacklist?
People on the blacklist are unable to send you an IGM or start a Private Chat with you. Also you do not see what they chat in the chatrooms. They are still able to see what you type.
• in addition you can not see the chat clouds, can not be jinxed by them and can't receive gifts from them (but you can make gifts to blacklisted persons :D )

entry completely revised and expanded

Enough for now. :p

EDIT by Aliya: updated status of the mentioned entries in colour teal

6th January 2014, 09:49 PM
The GOLD and Silver Premium Accounts entry has been compeltely rewritten - please can it be checked for typos?

In addition also reworked What are rubies and how do I get more of them?
what are optic plants and how do I get them?

Onward . . !


6th January 2014, 10:35 PM
Hm.. for optic plants:

• The "festival optic plant" can be won at the tent & gives 300 Mana/ 150 EP


• "Is the Plus-Account a subsciption" should be deleted /renamed and can not be opened

No typos found from me. :)

Amended; your second point - I need to work out how!!

16th February 2014, 11:58 AM
Is the Answers section still being edited and are the comments pointing out typos, mistakes etc still welcome in this thread?

16th February 2014, 12:42 PM
In "who is the Village Elder and what do they do," the bit about setting the village levels has now altered. Where it says you cannot set the level higher than your own level. Now you can and the maximum level you can set is 100.

EDIT by Aliya: entry completely revised, new title: The Village Elder

16th February 2014, 12:51 PM
In Alchemy quests, the last section "impuzzable Alchemy quests" " Try the player forum for a puxzzle that seems to be impossible.

5th August 2014, 11:41 PM
The Answers great work has been restarted.

Your assistance, as before, is gratefully received.

bouquets andbrickbats to Aliya, punkpoet or myself please

Aliya Silver
14th October 2014, 07:36 AM
Little update here...

Up to now we revised almost 40 entries of answers (which is more than a quarter of them) and are constantly working through them all to bring them up to date. It's a lot of work to be done with them, so sorry for the slow progress.

You can easily tell apart those new or revised entries from the old ones by their design:

* Now the entries have been given recognizable subtitles - mostly accompanied by a matching icon.
* Pictures don't have a frame any more but are usually nicely cut out from their background instead.

With the last update there are a few entries which need to be revised again (like adding the new dragon forms or altering the picture of the friends list). We are aware of it but it's not the highest priority - revising the REALLY old entries and creating a number of new ones (eg. about the valley map update) is much more important ;)

Rather than just ticking them off one by one in a certain order we could do them in the order according to how important they are to you - so just give feedback about which entries you'd like to see revised next ;)

Thank you, have fun,