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17th November 2013, 05:19 PM
First I would like to say thank you that I have this lovely part of the forum for my creations! It's so heart-warming knowing that my little pictures are really getting noticed! To show my thanks I made a little something...


Cazz told me this part of the forum is a secret earlier, so as my thanks to go along with the picture I made, I will keep this a secret! If I was to tell though ( which isn't going to happen, no worries ) you can punish me in ANY way... Well, maybe ANY way EXPECT take my cookies away!! :D

17th November 2013, 05:26 PM
This one I made this morning, It shows how MiraMagia has progressed over the years....


At the very top we have around about 2011, and then it comes further and further down into our time, 2013!

17th November 2013, 06:37 PM
LOL you are very welcome sokie, ratch SW . . .and I'm looking forward to seeing what you can cook up!

Thank you cazzers for enabling and supporting this venture!!

17th November 2013, 06:41 PM
Thank you dragon! And I like the phrase, "cook up" hehe.

This is going to be my last picture up in till Wednesday, and I'm quite proud of this one! It's called, "Lost in the Sky":


I made a little poem up and some pictures from the game along with frizzly writing :P

17th November 2013, 06:47 PM
nice :D

17th November 2013, 09:39 PM
I did say that was going to be my last in till Wednesday but I'm sitting here bored so I made some more! This time I used Dragons "Competition 8" entry form to make my own designs. These are not entries for the competition though! I just wanted to play around with the entry form!!!!

The first one is a Mira-version of me!


The next is a little girl!


This is a boy who is half human half dragon!


And the last is my own Akatsuki cloak from my favourite anime of all time, Naruto!


17th November 2013, 10:59 PM
Rattie - could I use some of these for people who need ideas for competition #8, please? Did you use paint to make them?

17th November 2013, 11:42 PM
Yes, I used Paint.NET, It's very helpful and good for people who are new to using those kind of things! ( people like ME! :P ) And yes, feel free too!!!

17th November 2013, 11:49 PM
I'm going to be making something called, "Mod Files" which is really just a whole load of facts about our mods, for others to get to know them if they don't already, like new players, and just fun facts for others to learn if they don't know already! I started with Karin!


18th November 2013, 12:56 AM
Spelltember is the closest I could get to November!!! But if you have any ideas for a Mira November please tell me!


20th November 2013, 06:58 PM
Its Wednesday and I can finally post something again! I put quite a lot of time into this one, and tried to give it a meaning. I know it is a horrible subject to bring up, but Bullying happens all over the world and children have to live each day of their life in such misery and pain so this one goes to all the children ( or adults! ) anywhere who are getting bullied...


It doesn't matter if it's cyberbullying, psychical bullying, mental bullying, gossiping, it is all WRONG!

Once again the players you see are people I have found in the city. I will not mention their names and they are not getting bullied, I just wanted to show it can be anyone.

20th November 2013, 07:59 PM
I found some old pictures from a while ago on Thursday/Friday! Here they are:

I remember this one well! Me and Anbo were having a little fun!




I think I was just playing around with these ones, can't exactly remember why!!!









So thats them all! Most of them contain my terrible, terrible editing though! So sorry! My editing is much better know though, as you can see!

20th November 2013, 08:38 PM
This is.... *drumroll...* Cazzers Mod file!!!!


The website I usually get that funky text fromhas shut down for a bit (maybe forever, I don't know what's happened) but I have to say I figured out how to use the text built in the Paint.NET and it worked well once I knew what to do, since I had trouble with it before.

20th November 2013, 08:52 PM
*hugs* Sookie you're a little star. I wish you knew how much joy you bring to Mira. Thank you. Never stop being who or what you are. You're unique and we love you ♥

20th November 2013, 09:29 PM
*hugs* Sookie you're a little star. I wish you knew how much joy you bring to Mira. Thank you. Never stop being who or what you are. You're unique and we love you ♥

Aww thank you Cazz :) That really warms my little cookie heart! *massive hug*

20th November 2013, 09:33 PM
I have made some more of my own versions of comp 8 entry forms! (not actually for the comp, remember. Just for fun!)



Animal themed as you can see :)

20th November 2013, 10:28 PM
The message with this one is, follow your dreams not matter how far they seem. If you keep believing, you can achieve many things you only thought could happen in fairy tales!


20th November 2013, 11:45 PM
Made this for you Cazz!


I also found some pictures of my dogs on my ipod, so here they are!!!!





Olly (he is a little camera shy):



21st November 2013, 09:20 PM
I thought I might put up some pictures of my lovely village, Golden Island!!!



21st November 2013, 09:59 PM
Here is the next mod file! Dragonholt kindly answered my questions, and here it is!!!! (Note: Sorry dragon that I spelt Draconis as Dragonis!!! I TRIED to correct it but Paint.NET was not being nice and wouldn't let me!!! So I had to scribble out and put down a C, so sorry! :P It is a horrible way to correct but only way I could find!!!)


21st November 2013, 10:45 PM
I made up a little silly poem! And yes, please excuse my horrible drawing of icecream hehe.


21st November 2013, 11:49 PM
I decided to make a fun story! Please enjoy reading!!!

A Shape Shifters Tail - Quest of the Biscuit Box!

Chapter 1.

Yawn... General chat was soooo boring today. No fun, no food.... Aww man.... My tummy let out a small rumble and pleaded for an every so tasty bite of food, even a small, tiny, piece of cookie... Ruuuuuummmmbblllleeee.... Oh dear....
"Oi, Ratty dear, give us a piece of cookie, eh?" my stomach pleaded.
"Sorry, can't. I ate them all yesterday... And I don't see anyone around to try and get some food off..."
Once more another rumble of depression let out and I sighed. The chat door opened. My ears perked up and my eyes darted to the door at lightning-fast speed... Well, lighting-fast speed for a Shape Shifter who has absolutely no food in her belly at all, meaning decreased power and strength! My eyes gleamed at this newcomer I had never seen in chat before, but something felt strangely wrong. Very wrong. I continued to look at them as they swiftly entered and sat on the floor, before rummaging through their bag. I sniffed. Oh my.... Did they have... A cookie, in that bag? My instincts kicked in and I immediately sat beside them, trying to look as lovely and charming a shape shifter as possible.
"Oh boy!" I said with glee, "Is that... A cookie I smell?"
The person sighed and handed me half of the cookie they had hidden. I greedily chewed it up within seconds, so glad to have the food I needed. I suddenly taken the time to actually observe the "persons" appearance. Oh my Mira.... They were a Shape Shifter!

As much as a good thing that must seem, seeing I'm the only Shape Shifter in gen and I would now have a new friend with the same abilities as me, your completely wrong. One thing I have only told a few players in General is that I am an outcast from my Shape Shifter realm. I stole the Royal Cookies on the day before I was going to be announced to be Queen. In the rulers fury, they sent me away, to find some way to live, some life to lead and when they thought I was mature enough to rule again, they would come for me... On my journey to find somewhere new to live, I came across the lovely world of Mira, so charming and petite. My idea before had been to live my life somewhere I wouldn't fall in love with too much and then just leave later on... The way my plans changed was very dramatic though... I wanted to stay in Mira, forever and ever. However, every day of Mira, I knew one day some Shape Shifter would come and find me, try to take me back. I didn't want to go! This day had come, though....

I continued to stare at this other Shape Shifter for other 5 minutes. They looked at me at the corner of their eye with disgust. I must have been pulling some strange face in my daydream or something. I shook myself awake and blinked, in a sort of panic mode.
"S-so..." I asked worriedly, "Y-you from a-around here?"
I smiled weakly and they shook their head slowly.
"No", they said, "I'm not"
Ahh. So they were female. I could tell by the voice. It was quite posh but with some style too. I sort of liked it.
"Where from?" I said.
"The Shape Shifter Realm, with my family. I came here to find someone."
A dark bubble of worry surrounded me and I felt myself wanting to die on the spot. I had a certain feeling that "someone" was me. OK, Rat. Lets act surprised.
"Oh! How exciting! I wonder who they could be? Anyway, hope you find them!"
She just stared. Oh Mira, had I blown my cover? I so badly wanted to Shape Shift into a tiny, tiny piece of dust and let the cold air carry me higher and higher... But my cover would be so blown. It looked like I had to roll with the punches and stick to me guns, like a butterfly enduring the harsh winter in it's cocoon... Or something like that...

22nd November 2013, 12:38 AM
A Shape Shifters Tail - Quest of the Biscuit Box!

Chapter 2.

I fidgeted slightly. It had been an awkward 1 minute silence between me and this Shape Shifter.
"Your n-name?" I asked weakly.
She sighed and clicked her tongue, "Luna"
Phew. Didn't really ring a bell. Don't think this Shape Shifter was one I knew from before. I sighed with relief, but trying not to give away myself at the same time. Suddenly the door opened. Good! Cazzers, Karin, Dragonholt, Evilcrowofdoom and Pest entered. Now I wasn't so alone! I said hello to them all and even got a few cookies! They all turned to Luna and greeted her and making her so welcome that she blushed. She appeared to be in human form right now. Long, wavy black hair with a silky velvet like white flower on her head. Long white dress. Now that does ring a bell. The dress code in the shape shifter realm was complete white, we all liked to be posh. If I got mine dirty my family would always tell me off harshly. I had really started to hate life there. While I was daydreaming I suddenly heard Cazzers happy voice in the nick of time.
"Oh!" Cazzers said, excitement in her voice, "Your not the only one, we actually have another shape--"
I cut Cazzers off sharply with a swipe of my paw, covered her mouth with force and a sudden slap sound thundered. I may have accidentally hit Cazzers hard on the face... Really hard... Though Luna can't know, she just can't... The whole of chat stared at me in astonishment.
"Oh my Mira...." said Evil, suddenly stopping bum wiggle dancing in the middle of chat and stared, her eyes round and open, as if she had just seen the Ghost of Mira.
"Sookie..." Pest said, jaw-dropped.
"Ook..." Karin said sadly.
"Rat!" Dragon scolded.
My eyes focused on Luna, then the rest. There eyes had turned cold, lifeless, like something had sucked all the happiness out of them. I felt rejected, alone, abandoned, misunderstood... Suddenly, tears streamed down my eyes. I had a terrible, dark secret but I couldn't blurt it out here, or Luna would hear and to protect that secret I had to block out my friends. They must have thought I was being mean, however I was only doing it for the greater good. I didn't want to be taken away from my Mira family. At least not now, not here. Never.

I ran away to my dreamworld, locking the gateway so no one could follow. I didn't want to cause more stress, as if I didn't have enough. Crying in the corner of my dreamcafe I felt some warm hands reach for my shoulder and I shuddered. I span around, wiping the tears as if nothing had happened. Wait - How was anyone even in my dreamworld? I had clearly locked the gateway!
"Snuck in your pocket", Luna said, her bright blue eyes gleaming.
"Turned into a small object, huh, and snuck in?" I wept, "What do you want?
"We know it's you, Rat", whispered.
My eyes watered in fury, "What do you mean? Your just mumbling on about something!"
"You know what I mean!!! It's time to come back Rat, please. We need a Queen in the Shape Shifter Realm and we figured you'd be mature enough now, huh? Come on now, don't be shy. I thought you wanted to come back, to eat cookies at the own command?"
The idea was temping, but I simply couldn't agree.
"No", I said sternly.
Luna tutted. I suddenly felt like something was going to happen. I knew something was going to happen. I started shaking in worry. This was turning out to be the worst Mira day ever. A disaster. I had kind of knew this day would come though and I had to make the most of the my time with my friends. However, I never thought it would turn out this messed up...
"We can figure this out, though" Luna sighed, "If you help us find this certain Biscuit Box far far away in this land of Mira and then let me take it back to my Shape Shifter Realm for the NEW King/Queen that will replace you, maybe you can stay here... Deal?"
I swallowed. Was this a good idea? I didn't exactly know her properly. I didn't know her personality, her life, her dislikes, likes... Could I honestly trust her? Thoughts rushed through my mind and I swore they would all burst out like a balloon any moment. I had to make one decision, fast. OK, Rat. Deep breaths. And... GO!

23rd November 2013, 11:51 AM
I cannot make pictures in till Thursday, so im gonna continue with my story in till then, a from Thursday to Monday focus on Pictures!

A Shape Shifters Tail - Quest of the Biscuit Box!

Chapter 3.

As we breathed our ice-cold breaths were so clear and visible in the air. A shiver crawled from my neck, down my spine and to me feet. I sniffled and got a handkerchief out of my small pouch, wiping my nose gently. As we walked our feet crunched on the cold, heartless snow and we continued to walk, further and further. I felt myself get weaker each step. The icicles hanging from the caves around us jingled in the wind creating a rather strange clinking sound. Some even fell to the floor with a crash and shattered, broken forever. The snow fell hard and the relentless wind raged at us as we fought to keep on our feet. The large, strong mountain was miles away and I sighed as the snow fell down non-stop. Luna was cold, pale, her piercing blue eyes with no hope, just scanning the sky and area, as if she was worried...

You are probably wondering how I found myself in this misery. Well, after I accepted Luna's deal we traveled to a deep, lost part of Mira, forgotten and abandoned.
"It's cold and chilly, with a dark feel", I remember Luna warning, "Are you really, really sure?"
"Yes!" I pleaded, "Anything to stay with Mira!"
All we had to do was travel to a mountain, called White Death. It troubled me why a cookie box would be hidden deep in this strange mountain, with traps surrounded. I mean, i know cookies are the most delicious, heart warming food in the ENTIRE world, but wan't it a bit extreme...? What if I was killed, never to take in a cookie ever again...? I was starting to regret this idea. I felt as if I was going to freeze to death. My hands were stiff and motionless, pure motivation just moving my feet. It was no wonder this area was abandoned years ago. Far too cold. Cold, cold, cold!

A sudden roar filled the air as me and Luna stopped with a sudden holt. Luna's eyes kept scanning and scanning, as they widened. She seemed far too scared, even though it sounded just like a normal dragon far off. I was wrong, very wrong. Through the mist the shadow of a spiky, thin dragon emerged. Its threatening eyes looked dead straight at us, and in unison we stepped back. This didn't look like a normal female dragon, or a frog dragon, OR a male red dragon. This was white, with light blue eyes and black thin pupils. Along it's back were razor sharp spikes, in an order of small, then big, then small, over and over. Then on the tail was a deadly spikeball, with clear signs of poison dripping from it, then sinking into the thick snow. The dragon and us just stared, like a showdown. We were losing. It let out another painful roar like scream. For a second I almost forgot something. WE were Shape Shifters... We can fight back!

23rd November 2013, 12:54 PM
A Shape Shifters Tail - Quest of the Biscuit Box!

Chapter 4.

The dragon suddenly thundered towards us at incredible speed. I swiftly dodged, shape shifting into an eagle and flying above it, causing the poor dragon to ram into a block of ice and get its horns stuck. Luna giggled and shape shifted into a wolf, before preparing to run away.
"Shouldn't we take care of this dragon in case we see it again?" I asked worriedly.
Luna nodded, "Yes, I guess your---"
She suddenly dodged the dragons violent thrusts towards her as it tried to flatten her. It seemed to have escaped the block of ice it was stuck in before, and now it was more angry then ever. Luna shape shifted into a griffon at incredible speed and clawed the dragon, then pounded it's head into the ice. It roared angrily as it's head emerged back from beneath the snow. We looked at it, laughing at how weak it was compared to us. However, now this dragon had enough. More spikes emerged from it's body, as if it was a massive spike ball. I swallowed hard. We may have slightly under estimated this beast. We should have defeated it when it was weaker....

It pounded me against one of the rocks that were scattered around and I breathed quickly. It had pinned me against it with its claws and I could see it's poison dripping spiketail go higher above my head, ready to smack down on me and end me. That didn't happen. Luna charged at the beast, in a frog dragon form. Once the white dragon had recovered they circled each other, glaring. I wanted to help, but In was completely paralyzed with fear, a growing lump in my throat. They were clawing, hitting and roaring. I didn't want to kill the dragon though. Nature is a wonderful thing, even if it tried to kill us!!! What if it was trying to protect its food we may have accidentally stepped on, or something? I mean I can relate, no food is the most horrible thing ever! I was so glad to have packed some cookies with me... I wonder if this place had any food though? Looking around actually, this place looks bare! The dragons eyes looked at Luna and then my pouch. Did it want some food? Shape shifting into human form, I reached into my pouch. 4 cookies left. I really wanted to save them but... A screech came from Luna as the dragon clawed her. Think, ratty, think!

I leaped out in front of the dragon, looking brave when really I was as scared as a mouse.
"Here!" I said, one cookie in my hand, "Your hungry, right?"
The dragon sniffed a little.
"WHAT are you doing?!?!" Luna hissed.
"I can tell it's hungry!" I laughed as the dragon crunched on the cookie, "We both share that same "I need food" look!"
The dragon ate the cookie then rubbed its nose against my hand. I scratched it a little and it let out a low, happy growl sound and licked my hand. It wasn't really a nightmare after all. It was really tame!
"Rat, we have to go", Luna warned, "We are running out of time. We need to find the Biscuit Box so I can bring it back!"
"Fiine", I said, packing my bags.
At least we had a bit of adventure and my blood was pumping. No longer freezing like a ice lolly stuck in a freezer. It crossed my mind if I should tell my Mira Friends about all this when I returned. Would they believe me? Or maybe they would search off and find the dragon for some evil experiments of some sort? Oh well, worries and regrets were for later! Right now I needed to enjoy my time with my new found, Shape shifter friend. I was becoming quite fond of her!

I put my paw over my eyes and looked deeply into the distance, the mountain looming far, far away like in one of those fairy tales. Or "tails" as I like to call them! I giggled thinking about my little joke and we both continued to progress towards White Death mountain. However, before I left I turned around. The white dragon purred, and nudged a small object towards me, before scattering off into the mist. As a stared, I looked down at the object, picking it up.
"Come on!" called Luna, "Hurry up!"
Her voice echoed in the caves around us and the icicles shuddered, clinking again. Her footsteps left a crunching noise in the snow, and the snowflakes were lightly falling onto the snow covered earth. It suddenly felt like everything in time had stopped though, even though the world was clearly moving, like time had stopped.. It was... Strange...

I looked at the little curled up object opening it up and stared. It was just covered in snowflakes, laying in my small, small paw.
"Rat!!! We don't have time!"
I chuckled to myself as my hands put the small, delicate object in my pocket. I needed to keep this safe. Very safe...

28th November 2013, 11:11 PM
Phew! This taken two hours, believe it or not! And it was going to take even longer, first plan was at the bottom scene to add many many players everywhere and houses, but that would have taken at least another hour and geez, im tired!


29th November 2013, 04:15 PM
Ok! I made two more of these avatars. Once again, not for the competition 8, I have already entered!!!

These two are cloud/sky themed. The first one is an angel!

This one is really crazy. I didn't put much effort into the clothes, more the hair, so sorry!

29th November 2013, 04:48 PM
I thought I might show you some very cool things I just found out Paint.NET could do! And here comes my lovely assistant.... Cookie!


I'm going to be doing some, "magic tricks" on cookie here. Here goes...!










And this last one is my favourite!


29th November 2013, 07:32 PM
Ahh! I wonder if this is how entering the Mira portal would look like in real life!

Maybe it would start of slow, as you twist in...


And then you start falling in, spinning faster and faster!




And then all of a sudden... You wake up feeling dizzy... Phew, finally your in Mira!

29th November 2013, 07:37 PM
Once again, been having fun with the portal. I think this looks quite pretty and mysterious!


1st December 2013, 10:16 AM
Christmas is nearly here! I guess I might have a go at coming up with some neat cookie creations! But for now, here is a little thing on, "Unique Mushrooms".


1st December 2013, 10:40 AM

3rd December 2013, 07:07 PM
I am using a different laptop today that doesn't have Paint.Net so these two wont be as good as usual, and its hard to make the writing stand out a times! Sorry! I also missed yesterday so...



4th December 2013, 07:12 PM

4th December 2013, 07:46 PM
A Shape Shifters Tail - Quest of the Biscuit Box!

Chapter 5.

We reached the massive mountain. We stood at the great big cave opening, the darkness reaching out to us. Luna quickly shape shifted her hand into a large, bright lightbulb.
"Lets go in", she whispered, "it's on the very, very top floor. The peak of the mountain..."
I nodded and we waited to see who would go in first. We were both frightened to death.
"Your not afraid of the dark, are you?" Luna asked.
"M-me?!" I said, trying to act surprised, "No way! I am the brave ratty! Nothing beats me!"
I started doing karate moves and leapt around.
"Good", Luna said, "You first then"
I wondered if she was afraid herself and that was why she was pushing me forward, but I agreed politely anyway. I crept slowly inside, observing the slippery, damp wet walls. Was I really doing this? A few rocks crumbled past, the strong wind pushing them even from inside the mountain cave entrance. Luna followed carefully, and just like her I summoned my hand into a lightbulb to see better. We couldn't really make a strong light though. Our power was a little weak after that dragon battle. I sighed and crept further in, darkness covering me head to toe. I shuffled backwards beside Luna.
"I really don't like this", I mumbled...
I droplet of water fell and dropped on my small ratty head. I groaned plodding forward. Luna didn't too keen on the cave either. She shook her head at a passing bug on the cave walls, on a rock hitting her foot. The point is, we both hated this.

We climbed up and up the rocky, dented stairs. It had really came to my attention this place seemed familiar. The smell in the air, the noise of the lashing and clashing waves far off... I had to have been here before. I knew I had. Luna suddenly looked out of the dented, carved out window by her side. Snow covered this small place like a blanket, as if the place was in hibernation. Then she progressed forward as if nothing after happened. I stared puzzled. What was she up to? Luna was so... Ugh. Oh well, I had to keep going up, no time to stop and think now. Busy, busy, busy. I had to find that biscuit box! I started sniffing, to see if I could smell it. Sniff, sniff... Woaaah! I hit the ground with a thud.

4th December 2013, 07:58 PM
All these chapters are going to be kinda short if you know what I mean. A little busy, but hey ho lol.

A Shape Shifters Tail - Quest of the Biscuit Box!

Chapter 6.

All I remember is Luna crying out, "Rat! Rat, are you OKAY? RAT! RAT, RAT, RAT!"...

Blackness. That's all I could see. Then my eyes fluttered, and Luna was sitting there crying.
She turned, "Rat! Your alive! You fell from so high! I don't know what happened, you just... fell... And then I would have been told off for killing you and..."
I sighed full of relief. I wasn't dead. But now we had to climb ALL the way back up from where we were. We had about 10 minutes in till we reached the top from where we were. Stupid, stupid me. I must have been sniffing when I wobbled off and fell. Since I was a shape shifter, none of my limbs had broken, but I could have died quickly. I could see why Luna was worried. If I was lost forever whoever sent her to come and get me would be so angry. I lifted my head slowly, then got to my feet, dusting the dirt off me. Luna seemed worried if I would be ok but I gave her a nod of reassurance. I would be fine... When we got to the peak I could go back to Miramagia and it would all be OK... I think...

I had a lot of explaining to do when I got back. The last time they saw me I had slapped Cazzers by accident. Opps? What more could I say... I didn't mean it, really! ... We kept climbing up and up the stairs... Luna kept a watchful eye, thinking I would be stupid enough to fall of again.
"How long was I unconscious?" I asked.
"3 hours"
Longer than I thought. How could I let myself slip away like that? What had I been thinking, as I fell and fell, slowly? What were my thoughts? I would have loved to know...

4th December 2013, 09:12 PM

5th December 2013, 06:38 PM

5th December 2013, 08:39 PM
Today is... Sweetdrops!


5th December 2013, 11:40 PM
For Leecyann....


9th December 2013, 06:27 PM
I cant do anything picture work in till Thursday (including the Xmas mini calender thing) so i may just have to work on the story and stuff. :P I'm uses a different laptop in till Thursday and it is terrrrrribbbble for making pictures.

12th December 2013, 10:57 PM
I only got to make a few of the advent things, as it would takes hours to make every single one I sadly missed out on (from being away) *sigh* Oh well, here are the ones I got to make:



12th December 2013, 10:59 PM
I have a NEW series! Meals for Mira! xD


And yes, my drawing skills aren't the best! :P

12th December 2013, 11:44 PM

12th December 2013, 11:46 PM
*drumroll* A French Menu! French is not my MAIN language though, so Im sure I have messed up the grammar a bit but hey, yah know lol.


13th December 2013, 08:53 PM

14th December 2013, 04:35 PM

15th December 2013, 09:15 PM

15th December 2013, 09:16 PM
A bit like the Mod files, but not! The Friendship files! :D


18th December 2013, 09:35 PM

25th December 2013, 12:41 AM
Sorry I haven't been able to put anything on for a while. With Christmas right around the corner, it's been rather busy. I will be able to update everything on Thursday (boxing day). However, I don't think there is much point in finishing the Mini Mira Advent Calendar. I have a lot of unfinished work on here too, (mod files, friendship files, A shape shifters Tail, etc) so I am hoping to catch up on that!!!

26th December 2013, 06:30 PM

26th December 2013, 08:13 PM





27th December 2013, 01:23 AM

27th December 2013, 01:25 AM

27th December 2013, 01:27 AM
A few verses of Pest's favourite song, "Roar" by Katy perry...


27th December 2013, 04:19 PM

27th December 2013, 05:11 PM

23rd January 2014, 11:48 PM

5th April 2014, 11:31 PM

7th April 2014, 12:21 AM

1st August 2014, 02:08 AM
And so the work is revealed!

Thanks mods xxxx

My hidden work I have been doing is out hehe. I hope you enjoyed viewing.

More will be done in 2015! Look forward to it!

25th September 2014, 11:19 AM
That's a good Mira November. Plus I love that movie ;P

12th December 2015, 06:30 PM
So a while back I did this....


And I decided it would be quite fun to remake it, I hope you agree i've gotten a little better!


Sorry the size of the image appears to have come out very large haha. No idea how to fix :P