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1st November 2013, 03:59 PM
Dear players,

This topic will tell you how to clear your Browsers Cookies & Cache and how to clear your Flash Cache.

It is important to do so after:
- Each Game Update;
- When having problems logging in;
- When having problems teleporting or seeing objects;
And a lot of other display issues like seeing the loading earth symbol in your screen or missing bars.

If you believe you found a bug or an unknown problem, please clear your browser cookies/cache and those of flash (listed more below) before reporting it to support@miramagia.com.

To delete the browser's cookies/cache:

Firefox and Waterfox: Only cache

- "Tools" menu -> Options -> Advanced -> network - Cached Web Content -> Clear now


Firefox and Waterfox: Only cookies

- in the Menu bar click Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Show Cookies -> in the pop-up: Remove selected/all


Google Chrome:

- Select the "Customize and control Google Chrome" icon (the three dots in the right upper corner) -> Settings -> Show advanced settings... -> Clear browser data...



- "History" -> Clear browsing data.


Internet Explorer:

- "Tools" menu -> Internet Options -> "General" tab, browsing history 'settings' - > Caches and databases tab.


For Flash cookies/cache:

- Visit the page of Adobe Flash here (http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html).
Here you can select the option to delete all cookies/cache.

Get latest flash:

Please make sure you always have the latest good working Flash version which you can download on:

Not being able to see others players:

If you or other players have the issue of not seeing other players, there might be a problem with the connection to the chat server.

Reasons for problems could be:
- Virus scanner causing problems;
- Firewall blocked required ports;
- Anti-spyware blocked applications or parts of it;
- Bad and/or slow internet;
- Flash causing problems.

Turning off some programs like virus scanner, firewall and anti-spyware one by one might help finding the problem. Checking if Flash is up-to-date can be checked on the flash website.

The following ports must be free there, in order to play Miramagia:
[*=1]843 - this is the port which uses Flash to communicate with the server by default.
[*=1] 5475 and 5476 - both of these ports are used by the chat server.

Slower or bad internet could be caused by not having an optimal wireless internet connection, downloading too much, a slow connection from the ISP or having too many browser windows/tabs open.

The Miramagia Team