View Full Version : New day switchover out of sync a##

31st May 2013, 12:28 AM
I'm not sure if this belongs in "Technical" or "Miscellaneous," so I took a guess and apologize if I guessed wrong.

In the last update, the timing of the new day was changed so that in a European time zone (Central, I believe?), the "new day transition" occurs at midnight. This affected when we receive our daily log in bonus and when the Tent of Advanced magic and Wheel of Fortune reset.

However, the Daily Alchemy Quest is now out of sync with this. In my experience for the past week, the Tent, Wheel, and log in bonus all reset at 4:00 pm PDT, and my daily alchemy quest appears an hour later (when the tent, wheel and log in bonus used to reset).

It doesn't both me, it just seems weird that the timing is off, and I thought someone might like to know.

31st May 2013, 05:56 PM
This has been reported to the developers, after support received reports of this from the US players, Rentara, and they are working on bringing the reset times into sync. As soon as I hear any more I will send a message around so everyone knows. Until then, your patience is much appreciated!