View Full Version : Mismatch between mana given and what the magic circle dialogue box says will be given

grape koolade
18th February 2013, 02:17 AM

I won club! Yay!

The hour just passed... and I received 769 mana. Whee! That has happened twice... so I know it's my magic circle mana and that it is 769.

Ok. My magic circle says:

building level 37
mana generation 462 mana
bonus from lab 28% = 129 mana
bonus from club 30% = 139 mana

But... 462 + 129 + 139 = 730.

730 != 769 hm. well....

462+129= 591 .30*591=177 591+177=768. And then allow for rounding errors in the numbers and it will add up to 769.

So... the magic circle information is wrong. The code is calculating the 30% club bonus after it applies the lab bonus. The magic circle information is calculating the 30% club bonus on the base building mana generation.

The display on the magic circle information needs to be fixed.


--GK (who tutors kids in math and knew it looked wrong)