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6th February 2013, 02:00 PM
I’ve been giving my fellow villagers a lot of tips about how to bring their transformation to a success. Although you can find many information in the answer page, there are a few basic tips & tricks I would like to share.

I’m L100 but I don’t want to transform now. What can I do?

1) Get achievements
If you are an achievement hunter, you can try to get achievements. A few examples: harvest leafers 750 times, serve 500 questies, prank 500 times, purchase all decoration items etc Tip: only prank 499 times, serve 499 questies and earn the actual achievement after you transform to receive a bit of extra xp.

2) Spend mana
Your amount of mana doesn’t count anymore once you reach L100. So now it’s time to blow it all. You can use it on gifts, pranks and questies. I love spending my mana on questies, since I get free money from them basically. Tip: if you haven’t cleared the patches of expansion field, this is a good time to do that.

3) Collect mushrooms
It’s a new feature, but you do keep your mushrooms after you have transformed. Keep collecting them as much as you can. Tip: you can make dragon food after you have transformed.

4) Earn more miragic
You can still earn miragic after reaching L100 by doing alchemy quests, entering in dragon races and delivering full orders to questies (no jinxing !)

5) Planning
When you get the urge to transform, plan it well. First of all, choose a date when you know you can be online a lot. The first few hours you will not be able to grow very long crops, so you will need to spend a lot of your time harvesting and if you really want to have the post-transformation achievements, you better know how to plan your upgrades well, since most of them will be very short in comparison to what you’re used to. Also let your fellow villagers know that you are planning to transform. Tip: if you really want the post-transformation achievements, try to transform on a date you can remember well, like the 1st of the month, your birthday, an anniversary etc. Also try to transform in the morning so that you have an entire day to upgrade and harvest.

I’m going to transform today. What can I do?

1) Donate your crops into comps
You will lose all the crops in your warehouse, on the market and on your field. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t enter them in comps. That way, you will still receive some money after you have transformed. First look at comps which you can do on your own. Enter everything, but leave 1 plant out, so that the comps stays at 99%. After you transform, a fellow villagers (or you if you’re alone in a village) can complete the comp and receive the money from it. After you have completed entire comps, donate your left-over crops into other comps. Do try to finish up as much as you can. And don’t transform if you have any crops left. It’s better to receive 3x 5000 gold than nothing at all.

2) Donate you money into comps
You will lose all your money as well, so again there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Use your money to buy crops and to do more comps. The more comps you can do, the more money you will eventually get. First enter in comps that are close to 99%, after that you can finish comps that are close to 30% for example. Since you get money for every plant you donate, don’t be afraid to spend a few more minutes on buying and entering. Every little bit can help after you have transformed.

3) Cast a zone
You will lose your zone spells, but a casted zone will stay for the entire week. I recommend to cast a shaded (snowdrops) or cool zone (grapes).

4) Transform
Teleport to the world tree. Click on the lotus flower in front of the tree. Click the “transform” button.

5) Finish comps
Ask your fellow villagers (or you can do it yourself) to finish up the comps you have done. I’m certain they wouldn’t mind adding 1 plant to your 99% finished comps in return for the reward. Keep in mind that it can take up to 30 minutes before you get the money from the comp. As soon as you receive it, you can upgrade all you want. Discuss with your village on what to do with the other comps that require more than 1 plant to finish up. You can either focus on a few comps, or try to do them all, or leave them the way they are.

I have transformed. What can I do?

1) Upgrading
If you have followed the previous steps, you will probably have enough money to upgrade your buildings for at least a few days. If you’re focused on getting all of the post-transformation achievements, see what you can do before you do it! If you don’t use rubies it’s best to focus on 1 building (2 buildings if you like a challenge). If you don’t use rubies and want the achievements, than don’t try to do all 4 buildings ! If you do use some rubies and want the achievements, I recommend focusing on 2 (maybe 3) buildings. If you love using rubies and don’t mind spending them, you can go for all the buildings in your first try.

2) Leveling up and your field
Since you don’t have as much patches to grow on, you will receive only a small amount of xp and total yield in comparison to what you are used to. Luckily you don’t need as much xp to level up also. It’s easy to reach L6 on your first day if you transform in the morning and have the opportunity to be online the entire day. Reaching L6 gives you the opportunity to grow grapes, which are excellent to grow during the night.
Tip 1: enabling expansion field will double your available patches (if they are cleared), which will double your amount of xp the first day (9 extra patches are always usefull).
Tip 2: enabling plus-account gives you a fairy which shortens the growth time of your crops, and you will receive more money from the bailiff; so that’s more money and more xp due to your crops being ready faster.
Tip 3: enabling plus account will give you more mana, so that you can clear patches faster and you can use the bonus downpour to speed up the growth time of your crops a little bit.

3) Money saving tips
Not necessarily for after transformation, but also useful in general.
- Dragon : saving up those mushrooms gives you a grand reward. The more mushrooms you have, the more dragon food you can now make. It will save you millions in the end.
- Lab : don’t buy every item every time you level up your lab. A few examples: only buy mana-items every 5 levels and everything at L15-26 ; only buy mana-items at L15 and everything at L26 ; only buy everything at L9, 16 & 26. Do whatever you like, but not buying every item every level will save you millions in the end.

4) Money earning tips
- bailiff : no reason to explain why
- market : sell some crops on the market to earn money, or let a friend/fellow villager buy your crops at max price to get more money.
- wheel / tent / lottery : they can all give money, so don’t forget to use it daily (when you can).

5) To ruby or not to ruby
The use of rubies has many advantages, but even when you don’t buy rubies, doesn’t mean you can’t have rubies. Medium and slow dragon races both give rubies, so come together with your friends or villages and race ! You can for example determine the winner in advance, agree to not use spells, agree to not use attack spells, etc. It’s a good way to let everybody have rubies for enabling plus features after transformation without actually have to buy rubies.

6) Achievement hunting
Earning achievements are a good way to get a little boost for leveling up, since you get a certain amount of xp. Ask your friends if they will help you get dragon racing achievements if you don’t have them already. Have you stopped pranking after 499 times? Get that 500. Do you only need to harvest 10 cone bushes? Now is your chance.

7) Personal goals
If you feel that the game is beginning to get a bit boring, try setting some personal goals. It can be anything you want, so use your imagination. A few examples can be : to reach L50 in 1 month, to have 10.000 of each crop by your next transformation (good luck on leafers and spuds), to have 50 milion money, to complete 20 comps on your own during your next transformation, to have a full friend list, to have every achievement etc. Whatever motives you should be your goal.
Tip: village goals can be intersting too, for example: we want to win 80 comps this year, we want to win 10 comps this month, we want to decorate our village in a beach party theme, we want to be in the top 10 valley ranking, we want to have 3000 gifts each...

I hope you found it useful.

6th February 2013, 08:00 PM
Teehee, this is a cheat sheet if ever I saw one ^_^

The only issues I have, having just transformed 3weeks ago, without the new update; plants, mana, lab items, and gold used to count for Miragic, not much but some, so your saying that they no longer do? When I transformed I found that I was only able to use a certain number of plants, mana, and gold before the number at the lotus would begin to drop.. gold and plants had the most effect. Lastly, I thought we got the expansion field cleared for free after transformation, has that changed as well? If this have all changed, then this sucks, I've transformed twice now and with this its no wonder I'm not only so low on the score board but also moving so slowly compared to everyone else that's transformed recently.

7th February 2013, 11:25 AM
1. plants, mana & lab items still count for miragic. The suggestion to not buy every lab item is under money saving tips. It's not my intention to say this is the way must do it, it's a suggestion on how you could do it if you want to. (The thread also says 'tips & tricks', not 'this is the way the must do it'.) But since money gets a higher rating than lab items i prefer to have 5M more money than have 20 more lab items.

2. Euhm, after you reach L100 your amount of miragic is pretty much set. I'm L118 right now and gained about 20 million money in these last 18 levels, yet it had no influence on my amount of miragic. The only change i notice in my miragic is when i solve alchemy quests or participate in dragon races. Every time i got miragic from alchemy quest, that amount was added to my total. Every time i got 1M more money, 0 miragic was added (even spending 3.500.000 mana in 2 days didn't changed my score !!!). Your miragic score will not drop when you spend all your mana, money, plants etc. after you reach L100. You can only increase it a little bit by participating in dragon races, solving alchemy quests and delivering full orders to questies.

3. I cleared my patches of expansion field months before my first transformation, so i don't know. All i can say is that once they are cleared, they stay cleared.

4. To be honest, i don't really care about the miragic score board that much, but reaching my personal goals and my playing strategy does have effect on it. Besides, remember that earning miragic during the game is fairly new. So the people who have transformed before that was inserted have a lower score because of it. Without earning miragic through dragon races and alchemy quests, my score would have been 546k instead of 628k, a difference of 82k miragic (rounded it up since i have earned 81.740 miragic, and still rising due to participation in dragon races). And don't forget that there are people who transformed more than 1 or 2 times, and that tips on how to increase your miragic score have been circling through the game for a long time. Those who picked up the tips when they started playing (in chat or from friend), had already an advantage in comparison to people who were close to their transformation because they could adjust their playing strategy from the beginning.
To take myself as an example.. i learned about ways to increase miragic at about L80 or so. That didn't leave me with as much time as i had now. I only started saving mana and money at that point, and hadn't leveled up my buildings fairly well (mana circle was only L40, storehouse L50). I ended up with 167k miragic for my first transformation. Now, due to having 3.750.000 mana and 20M money, and dragon L27, mana circle L55, lab L25, storehouse L89 (with a 55% +5% bonus on circle) when reaching L100 .. and having 82k miragic earned through dragon races & alchemy quests, i now have 628k miragic, which is still increasing due to miragic earned through dragon races.

9th February 2013, 02:27 PM
I have learned a lot after the first 3 transforms. 1st one they introduced transform after I was over half way to 100...so low number, I didn't know to conserve mana, gold or to upgrade building, also didn't know I could shop after 100(I was only 3rd player on my server to transform) My 2nd one lab quests came along when I was close to ½ way my number was a bit better.Last time was somewhat better all buildings were upgraded ans storehouse was full but was mana / gold poor so good number considering those.
This time I took a completely different approach and started prepping for transform from lvl 1. I am currently lvl 98.5 , so will be soon. This time I conserved gold and mana, did daily labs with a few extra, but with the introduction of the higher lvl buildings for transformers and dragon races ( thank you mira powers that be) my mira donation number will be a great bit more !

If not finished with buildings at level 90 , check your donation and finish one the check again, your number has significant jump. From daily labs plus some extra and races my current mira at top of screen totals 66,131. but having conserved mana and gold somewhat and having all buildings leveled to the max, ( Lab is lvl 28, dragon Lair is 9 , dragon is lvl 27, circle is level 55, storehouse is lvl 110 and 98% full) my current donation as of right now is 1,476,350 . So as mira answers states, the fully upgraded buildings ect and full store house DO count a great bit toward your donation.

16th May 2013, 05:00 PM
What a great topic! Thanks to everybody that contributed, now I feel better prepared to have a great 1st transformation myself! ;)

Eleanor Rigby
10th June 2013, 09:14 AM
I recently made my first transformation and learned a few things in the process. While many of my tips were mentioned by others, I don't think it can hurt to hear them again. (I hope I have not reported anything that isn't true, but I'll be happy to update my post if I need to change any facts.)

When you transform, your possessions are turned into miragic which is added to your existing miragic total; all of this is donated to the World Tree to help it towards the next level, at which point all players will have new content available. Think of transformation as "watering the World Tree" except it's for the whole world and not just your village. So the more miragic, the better for the game as a whole; it doesn't seem to benefit you personally in any way to have a larger amount of miragic when you transform, your name just appears higher on the "ranking" of those who have transformed (if you care about that sort of thing).

When you transform, all of the crops in your storehouse will vanish, all of the decorations in your lab will vanish, all of your buildings and your dragon will vanish, your house will return to its original state, all of your gold and mana and miragic will vanish, and you will return to level 1 with 500 gold and 300 mana (and 0 miragic). You keep all the mushrooms in your bag, dragon race spells, mushroom spells, gifts you won at the wheel or crystal ball or lottery ticket booth (spells, clothing, lab decorations), clothing you bought, and vials you bought or earned for lab quests. You receive some gifts and after transforming it is faster to level up, so there are some benefits. It's both liberating to start fresh without anything, and frustrating to only be able to grow low-level crops and earn small rewards for mushrooms. The second time around, it is desirable to have some rubies to spend, but even without rubies it is SO MUCH BETTER to have a ton of gold to spend, and you can arrange to make this happen with some planning.

-- If you can enlist the help of all, or at least some, of your fellow villagers, you will be in much much much better shape for a success transformation (and recovery afterwards).
-- Starting at level 90, you can visit the World Tree and click on the lotus pond to find out how much miragic your current possessions will convert into. Starting at level 100 you could transform, but you will probably want to wait a few levels afterwards to build up some cushion: no rush to transform.
-- It seems to be better to hoard your gold and mana rather than continuing to build your storehouse, for instance. More on this in a moment. Basically, you want to maximize your gold just before transforming so you can spend it all on NEARLY completing a large Big Order just before you transform, so you will earn all that gold just after you transform. Here's how.
-- After transforming, you'll be poor; you want to change this quickly, but you will only be able to grow low-level crops to start, and questies won't offer you much. Here is where cooperation with your fellow villagers comes in. When your level is in the 90s, start looking through the Big Orders which no villages have contributed to. Select at least one which has a very good pay-out, at least 1,000,000 and preferably more. Get your whole village working on that Big Order (use the message board to get team spirit going), but DO NOT COMPLETE IT: the trick is to get it very close to complete, but have other villagers complete it very soon after you transform. You, and everyone else in the village, will receive a big pay-out (and for a new Level 1, this is invaluable), and just before you transform you will use your gold to buy lots of crops to come near to finishing it, so it's fine to choose a Big Order that is a bit of a stretch at the start. Just make sure everyone knows that you are all working to get it NEARLY finished before you transform, but not completed: that's for afterwards so you can get the benefits of the big pay-out.
-- Get as many achievements as you can before transforming, if that's something you enjoy doing: except for the ones relating to leveling-up after transforming, it will be a lot harder to earn them afterwards.
-- If you use rubies, spend some to open the bottom row of 9 field plots if you have not won this benefit from the wheel ("Expand Field"). If you have not already cleared those 9 plots, do it. It is far better to start with 18 plots to plant in rather than the usual 9 after you transform.
-- If you have not already done so, get the "Create Shaded Zone" or "Create Cool Zone" spell (at Level 3 if possible: this gives the best harvests) and apply one of them to your field. It will last for 7 days after you apply it. Both Cool and Shaded zones will let you harvest more of some low-level valuable crops, so either is good. (I chose Shaded.) It will take a long time for you to level up to get these spells again, so apply one before you transform.
-- You probably have some saved-up mana at this point. You can spend it on pranks or gifts for others if you want, or if you use rubies you can convert some of it into gold (but there is a limit of 3 conversions per day, so start doing this well before the day you want to transform). But there's something even better to do with mana: fool the questies. Let a full set of 5 questies arrive at your field, then use mana to fool them into thinking you gave them crops (don't actually give them crops!) -- you will then get all the gold merely by spending mana (no rubies needed!). You will not earn miragic, but for me it was better to get the gold than get a bit more miragic at that point. (If you use rubies, you can fool all 5 questies with mana, then spend rubies to get another set of 5 and fool them, too!)
-- Head to the city. Purchase a stock of vials for lab quests. Sell your premium seeds and any crops you will not be donating to the Big Order. Sell all your lab items. Sell all your dragon food. Sell any garden items that you accumulated that you don't care to keep.
-- At this point, you will have a lot of gold. Look at the Big Order you've been working on and identify the hardest crops left to complete. Does it need Leafers? Or Mirabelles? Or Fanfare Reeds? Or a ton of Stinging Nettles? (I think completing the highest-level crops first is the best plan.) Whatever it needs, go to the city to buy as many as you need. (Remember, do not fully complete the Big Order, just get *close*.) Check the market to see if there is a good price on the crops you want to buy, or just buy them all from the Sorcerer's Corner Shop. Go back to your village and drop them off at the Village Leader. You'll get some gold from this, which you can use towards completing another crop in that Big Order; keep going back and forth until you've spent everything you can and have gotten your Big Order close to finished. Make sure your fellow villagers know you are transforming and are ready with their own crops to finish the order AFTER you transform.
-- Put on your nicest outfit and head to the World Tree. Click on the lotus pond and off you go!
-- After you transform, everything will be reset as explained above. Your homesite will look similar to the way it looked when you first started playing, except there will be pink crystals at all 4 corners showing that you transformed. Your field will revert to having 9 plots for planting (or 18 if you have cleared the expanded field row); you will need to start all over again clearing the other plots one by one. (And you will need to get higher levels of the Vaporise spell to clear them, just as you did the first time.)
-- Ask a fellow villager to complete that Big Order after you transform; as soon as they do, you will have gold galore and will be able to afford to purchase seeds, dragon food, buildings, and the gifts available to you after transforming.
-- At Emma's Magical Boutique, you can purchase a purple cape and an outfit with a staff, only available after you transform. I believe you automatically receive a yellow crystal you can put in your garden which will give you a 1% bonus XP from actions. I have also noticed that crops stay in the "harvest now for a better chance of double harvest" mode for much longer after transition (it seems like this lasts for hours now!). And although I don't have proof, I think you level up faster the second time around.
-- Start earning mana as fast as you can so you can clear field plots sooner. Level up regularly, get spells as they become available, and start/improve your buildings. Fill your lab with items to improve your bonuses (but don't buy new things at every lab level, wait and do it about every 5 levels, otherwise you spend too much gold).

If you and your village neighbors work together, your transformation will go more smoothly and you'll have an easier time afterwards. And then you can help them in their transformations when they're ready! Have fun.


10th June 2013, 10:03 AM
You made 2 mistakes : first, you haven´t to buy the cape, you get it automatically, also a statue of your avatar. You also can change your avatar for free and this possibility stays until you use it.The cape looks different after each transformation.

But more important : you surely get no crystal for free. Those you have to buy for many rubies. You field is rounded by pink crystals which shall improve your harvest, although nobody can tell how much. And maybe you already have the tree crystal from your daily login. But you never get the other ones for free.

Eleanor Rigby
10th June 2013, 03:31 PM
You made 2 mistakes...

Thank you, Merry, I will fix those errors right away!


EDIT: Oh. Never mind. I only have 10 min in which to edit a post, not a few hours. So I cannot fix my original post. Thank you for the corrections!

11th June 2013, 05:29 AM
yw :-). I hope you enjoyed your transformation :-D.

30th June 2013, 04:55 PM
I have transformed but i dont see any difference at the growth time of my plants. But when i see details of a plant of mine it says : "With transformation and fairy bonus: xx:xx:xx" So do they reduce the growth time and if yes how much?

2nd July 2013, 03:15 PM
can someone answer my question?

3rd July 2013, 01:35 AM
I have noticed a decrease in my growing time. I refrained from answering your question because I'm not sure by how much. I think the crystals are equal to about half a plant fairy, but I have no idea how to measure or compare that.

3rd July 2013, 05:27 PM
I have transformed but i dont see any difference at the growth time of my plants. But when i see details of a plant of mine it says : "With transformation and fairy bonus: xx:xx:xx" So do they reduce the growth time and if yes how much?

Very, very little after the first transformation, about 2-3 minutes per 10 hours grows, or something like that, almost unnoticeable

8th July 2013, 11:38 PM
The big noticeable item after transformation is the length of time "fairy dust" applies, seems much longer. growth time of plants is barely noticeable. You do also seem to level much quicker.

10th July 2013, 01:05 AM
I think leveling quicker has to do more with "I've done this before, lets correct some of those newbie mistakes" rather than an actual advantage gained by transforming.

14th July 2013, 08:28 AM
euhm, it may not seem that way, but the bonus you get from the mana circle does help you to level up faster.

You have more mana than the first time, so you can vaporise faster (for example, instead of having to save up 10 hour, you now need to save up 9 hours to get the mana needed). That way the patch is vaporised a bit earlier, and than you can plant on it earlier, receiving a bit more xp than the first time.
Aside from that, there are a lot of "new" features such as new achievements that give xp, dragon races, mushrooms etc that boost you a bit. It may not seem a lot, but everything combined there is now so much stuff that allows you to get more xp in a certain period of time that it's very easy to level up these days. [ahh, still remember the days before we had anything of that stuff and needed to work very hard to level up to *finally* reach that L100]

So, that and experience let you level up faster.

But it's wrong to think that the crystals do anything. The times of plants are exactly the same regardless of transforming. There isn't even a difference of 1 second for leafers.

14th July 2013, 10:14 AM
one of the ladies in my village transformed before I did. She had two fewer fairies than I did and her crop growing times were only about 1 fairy off.

15th July 2013, 07:00 AM
i just checked again, this time using the harvest screen instead of using the sell screen of te market.

Yup, you are right rentara. There is a difference.
with 0 transformation leafers take : 2 days, 4 hours, 44 minutes, 45 seconds
with 1 transformation leafers take : 2 days, 4 hours, 28 minutes, 56 seconds

(but on the market it still keeps saying they both take 260:00:00)
So, you are right, there is a difference, although i don't find it a lot (15 minutes on 2 days isn't exactly the equivalent of a fairy).

15th July 2013, 07:10 AM
I wonder if the number of fairies you have coordinate with the crystals? And like I said originally, I think it's about half a fairy.

6th August 2013, 11:55 AM
Great thread, I am still a long way off transforming, but will start preparing early as you suggested.


7th August 2013, 01:54 PM
I checked with my bro's acount and i saw that at his acount Morning Dews need 19:46:47 and in mine 19:40:51

28th December 2013, 12:08 PM
The new thread about Transformation http://forum.miramagia.com/showthread.php?2669-Transformation&p=17897 is a very good collection of tips from this thread and two others and it's great it has been written. It is, however, closed for comments, so I post here:
1) The original guide was written before the Miramitsu plants appeared in the game, so it doesn't mention these plants as a source of miragic.
2) I wonder whether this point is still valid:

When you turn level 90, you will receive a message that explains a few things about transformation.
I can't remember receving any message at level 90.

28th December 2013, 12:42 PM
The new thread about Transformation http://forum.miramagia.com/showthread.php?2669-Transformation&p=17897 is a very good collection of tips from this thread and two others and it's great it has been written. It is, however, closed for comments, so I post here:
1) The original guide was written before the Miramitsu plants appeared in the game, so it doesn't mention these plants as a source of miragic.
2) I wonder whether this point is still valid:

I can't remember receving any message at level 90.

Hello! It has been updated now.

All players used to receive a message when they reached level 90, with some information about miragic and what helps in raising your score (like building upgrades, plants, mana, gold etc.) and that you could now see your accumulated miragic at the world tree.

I don't know when this changed or if it changed. I will ask the team.


28th December 2013, 01:01 PM
I know I received a message at level 90, before I transformed a couple months ago.

28th December 2013, 03:58 PM
Thanks Boo.
The Miramitsu seeds can also be obtained at the market, though, not only through a transformation.

28th December 2013, 04:22 PM
Thanks Boo.
The Miramitsu seeds can also be obtained at the market, though, not only through a transformation.

I missed that, thank you! It has been updated!

28th December 2013, 07:26 PM
I missed that, thank you! It has been updated!

Glad to help :)

I also noticed that the new guides "Vaporise", "Store house" and "Daily prizes" contain some incorrect information. Since they're all closed for comments too, I'll comment here:

Important: when you haven't transformed yet, you will need to clear the patches of expansion field before you are able to use them.

This has been changed some time ago in one of the updates. Now, the extension field is cleared from obstacles for everybody, whether transformed or not.

When you harvest or buy plants, they will go immediately to your store house. Keep a cautious eye on the maximum capacity though, because you will lose the number plants that exceed the limit of the store house.

When there is not enough place in the store house, a pop-up window appears and informs us about this fact, ordering us to prepare some space. The action is not performed and we have to harvest (or buy) again. No plants are lost.

The Tent of Advanced Magic
The fortune teller will give 1 free asking to players who are at least level 25. A second asking will require 2 rubies. Players who haven't reached level 25 yet, can also get an asking for the cost of 2 rubies.

Players who haven't reached level 25 cannot enter the Tent of Advanced Magic at all.

2nd January 2014, 03:07 PM
I think every transformation will reduce the growth time with 1%

3rd February 2014, 07:34 AM
so if an extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra active player performs 50 transformations, the growth will be only 50%??

Aliya Silver
3rd February 2014, 12:36 PM
it will be 50% faster - just like using a masterful fertilizer every time. ... that's a lot^^

30th March 2014, 10:08 PM
The other players in my village are not very active, so cooperative action is pretty pointless. I have contributed a lot to big orders in anticipation of transformation, but those won't "mature" for a while. I put a LOT into competitions, from my storehouse and by buying plants, but I seriously underestimated how competitive some villages are. In short, I am not getting as much money as I had hoped after my first transformation. The one thing I did that saved my hind end was to buy a few very expensive decorations before transformation. Afterward, I've been selling them back and making enough to continue my buildings while trying to survive in competitions and growing carrots. I seriously dislike carrots...

Aliya Silver
6th April 2014, 09:47 AM
... what do you mean by "mature"?
if you are surfing BOs - that's always a bit risky as you don't know when they will be ended or if other villages might donate so much that you don't get any gold from them at all... and of course you need some gold for the start. decoration is fine :)

i hope you didn't donate a lot of expensive plants to BOs but leaving big amounts for your fellow villagers to end it? it's always better to choose BOs you can fill up right to the last plant and end it after transforming.
and of course you can gift yourself with loads of red crooked-coniferes and sell them at emma's just as you would do with decoration. emma pays 5% of the initial mana costs - 500 gold for every red crooked-conifere.

good luck with your carrots though :)

30th August 2015, 03:52 PM
Hi all people!

Sorry for "revive" an old thread, I have a doubt about transformation...

Miramagia Answers said: The Magical Transformation will transform certain items into Miragic", and then describes the items that would be lost in the process.
My question is:
Plants you have in Store House, gold and mana... are they transformed into Miragic?

If it is so, then I deduce that there are 2 ways of playing:
1. The "solidarious path": Donate all your possesions, keep nothing for yourself, for the benefit of the World Tree (and the whole world)
2. The "individualist path": all the tips mentioned above, participating in Big Orders, etc.

Am I right? Or is it that gold, mana and plants don't transform into Miragic?
Thanks in advance for the answer, and good game!

30th August 2015, 08:49 PM
Hello Juan,
You don't have to choose between donating miragic and participating in big orders and other things. When you reach level 100, the miragic for gold, plants, building levels etc is frozen, so everything you do thereafter will not affect the amount of miragic you donate to the world tree. So if you donate to big orders before level 100 the amount of miragic given to the world tree is decreased, but if you donate after level 100 the amount of miragic will be the same as if you simply had transformed without spending the gold. So to conclude: Spend all gold, plants and mana before you transform.

30th August 2015, 11:23 PM
Thanks for the explanation, Dragoness!!
And good game!

12th September 2016, 04:25 PM
HI! has anyone checked to see if casting a zone before transformation still buffs plants for after your transformation.
Wouldn't the level of 'buff' be zero after transf? I just trusted that knowledge but never actually checked : )

12th September 2016, 08:05 PM
The zone will stay but return to level 1.

9th November 2016, 07:25 PM
Hey Juan, just and added note.
Even though your miramagic donation freezes once you hit level 100 for your mana, gold, etc. You can still slowly add more to it by completing tasks that give you miramagic after you've hit 100. So if you're not ready to transform right away, completing things like the lab puzzles, questies and other offers that give the miramagic are still a good thing to do until you're ready to transform.
No need to rush either until you're ready to do so.