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6th July 2012, 02:24 PM
Hi I'm evil aka evilcrowofdoom would like to say high to all and hope I can fit in with the team and is here to help the best I can.

I'm 33 women not man as I often get mistaken for with the name of evilcrowofdoom, been playing mira for a year now and enjoy every moment of it. I'm also the nutty one from the UK sever and like having fun. I very grateful with the position I've been granted with and hope I make a good member of the team.

4th October 2014, 11:18 PM
Right been asking for a while to update my team profile so here goes
By now most of you miramagians know me as evilcrowofdoom and know that I am a chat moderator for miramagia. I have now been playing I think for 4 years well since 2011 when the game started on the uk server way before the merge into com where I am now. I found this game through my sister who also plays and never looked back.

I still like that game and enjoy all the new features it has come a long way and I too. I’m still happy and grateful be part of a great team, and being there to provide support and help when needed. And hope that players can come to me when they need help and support with the game.

And yes I’m still the nutty one and enjoy the role play that goes on in general chat and every day I get to play. I’m now into my mid 30s and with a nick of evilcrowofdoom still a women not man as many of you misstate me for.

I have made new friends through the game and hope to keep adding. And hope people still find me fun and witty as I was when I first played.