View Full Version : Deco Profile (Photo's)

27th January 2020, 02:29 AM
I have taken pictures of all of my yard's as I decorate and put them in my book, and also some of each of my islands. I loved the idea that I can decorate in the blink of the eye but have a problem, well it is really a misunderstanding about the Dream World island. When I take a picture of my Dream World it don't take a picture of the inside of my house and my decorations in the inside of my home. Why can we not get the pictures to include the inside of our homes since we do a lot of decorating on the inside of our homes...like at Christmas, or Easter..or 4th of July, anyway, why can we not include the inside???

Can this now be including or even made an extra book of the inside of our homes?? Sometimes I spend a lot of time there thinking back on some of the people we have lost that use to sit with me in my home. So can we please get someone to include the house in a separate book or just included in our DreamWorld book?? Thanks Nuttynanny

27th January 2020, 02:37 AM
It is something we would all like, a decor profile for the library and dream world house but nothing yet :) Tell the herald when he is in town.