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13th December 2019, 04:33 PM
This is a forum where anyone can post pictures of crafts that you have made which has been crafted from any type of yarn including cotton, acrylic yarn or even if it's your practise at these crafts/starting out. This can include things from sowing, knitting and crocheting to latch hook, tassels and pompoms or even craft kits etc.

Here are some of mine to start us off.

This is my first lot of knitting that I done. Think I have took a photo of the front and not the back as plain knitting will look the same when it is the front or the back.

7372 7373
This is the front and side view of the same unicorn (above) that I knitted. I got the unicorn pattern free from a site called 'Let's Knit'. You should find it easily if you search for 'Unicorn toy and Bootees'.

This is a unicorn latch hook kit that I brought with my birthday money 2 years ago.

I hope everyone's yarn crafts can inspire you to do some crafts of your own using yarn or even buying craft kits to start off your crafting adventure with different types of yarn crafts.

13th December 2019, 06:49 PM
(below) I made these Christmas snowballs many years ago and they still look great amongst my decorations. I used a white acrylic yarn and included some silver embroidery thread to give them a little sparkle.


(below) I also made this giant pompom for a friend out of an entire ball of wool. Unfortunately, I was unable to give it to my friend because Jiji, Kiki's cat, laid claim to it and there he sits to this day. He knows he is being naughty, he won't look me in the eyes but that's how I know he loves it so.


(below) I am trying out this ready made pattern for cross stitch. I have no idea when I will get it finished. I am using a tapestry ring to hold it tight whilst stitching because I tend to pull the thread too tight.


(below) Here is my Miradoll made using Katifant's pattern in the Mirazine. I have yarns to make her clothes but I put her away and forgot to finish her. :(