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Aliya Silver
15th June 2014, 11:48 PM
Hello to all Miramagicians and Miramaniacs!

Readers of the Mirazine will know that Prof. Mira seriously doubted my aptitude for being his assistant at the Mage Academy...
I'm very glad that Dragonholt didn't agree with him and accepted me as a team member.

So who am I?
Female, 36 years old, mother of two, living in Bavaria.

My way to the Com Team?
I've been playing Miramagia since August 2012 on some of the german servers, and very soon out of curiosity I started to collect data and do some research about interesting functions of the game. Explaining details of the game became a hobby... and early this year a new task came to my mind: passing on all I know about Miramagia to the international community, too.
So here I am, trying to provide you with even more information, tips and tricks.

Let's hope the Professor is willing to answer some of my questions - watch out for guides to the game, lists and galleries that are about to come.