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29th November 2018, 11:50 PM
Can someone explain the reason I am not seeing in highlight some of the new competition threads? I missed the round one of the last running competition just because I did not saw the competition was post it and I did not bother to click under Current Competitions as it was not showing that someone place a new thread so I thought the competition did not start yet.

It does not matter much as I do barely play any competitions but from time to time I do play and I input my free time into it and disappointment.

It happened at least 2 times for me, I do not see in bold / highlight that a competition start it on the forum. I saw many players post their answers after me on that round one as well, so maybe they did not saw it as well as me.

Perhaps there is a problem with my forum settings or there is some glitch on the forum.

Thank you

30th November 2018, 12:26 AM
The posts are prepared in advance but should still show up as new SnowLily. Best to click the competition thread during a competition just to make sure. Best of luck for future comps.