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  1. Stuck on an Alchemy Quest? Ask for help here!
  2. Tips and tricks to make your first transformation easier
  3. Decorating Villages - A Celebration
  4. Android Companion App Feedback
  5. Post Everything About Crystals Here
  6. What's your experience so far with rare mushrooms?
  7. Editing Answers
  8. Growth Video Investigation
  9. How much gold needed immediately after Transformation?
  10. End A Dragon Race?
  11. Does the Growth Impulse have limited use?
  12. How do you get the last Fairy puzzle piece???
  13. Question about summoning plant fairies with rubies
  14. Sepia bush
  15. Big Order competition question
  16. dragon food
  17. Miro puzzle :D
  18. Rivers of... letters?
  19. map quest
  20. leveling up
  21. New competition feedback
  22. green dragon egg?
  23. Philosophies and the new BO system
  24. asking about all towns and their locations
  25. Bryght asks questions
  26. 5th dragon type?
  27. what is up with this.?
  28. Bo question
  29. Global holiday calendar - we need your help!
  30. Market backlog after update
  31. Problem with pictures on photobucket
  32. Do we still get the top 10 most-visited dream worlds?
  33. Lack of B.O's
  34. Glowing Blue Fairy and other log on garden items
  35. Moving to a different spot in village
  36. Very slow after the 'maintenance'
  37. Missing item at Sorcerer's Shop
  38. How do you use the sort drawer
  39. Dreamworld visits
  40. HR's with Rubies
  41. how do you get revive spelss
  42. Update January 22nd - Feedback and Discussion
  43. Wanted: Your views
  44. When a Market is not a Market.
  45. Teaser discussion
  46. Things I've learned from playing Mira
  47. Rhyming Competition - Carnival!
  48. the 999 feature
  49. prank achievement
  50. House jester
  51. Wheel of fortune predictable?
  52. Old McDonald had a farm....
  53. Anyone else tired of decorations?
  54. Oh Miro, Miro!
  55. Help with ruby purchase
  56. transformation bonus question
  57. 2 days & Premium Plants Bug is not being addressed??
  58. Payment option by SMS
  59. Vision Impaired Players
  60. father's day bonus
  61. Discussion thread: Miro's dream - can you help us make it come true?
  62. How to get 3 Lightening attacks in a fast race – with a lot of help from your friends
  63. Holiday mode
  64. the seal
  65. What does the red circle under vacant lots mean?
  66. Feedback and discussion about the 28th july update
  67. Ruby mine
  68. Birthday Songs - Happy 4th Birthday Mira!
  69. [FORWARDED]The Jackalope Prizes
  70. Raspberries?
  71. Second seedling?
  72. Ina, Karl and sugar beet juice
  73. Useful tips: Come and share!
  74. lab item, floor front right
  75. When is the zone spell bonus applied?
  76. Seeking Ruby Mine Opinions & Experiences
  77. Ruby Items In Academy & Lab
  78. Help cannot decorate
  79. Today's Ruby Mine collected but.......
  80. Rugby 2015 World Cup Prediction Contest
  81. Wake up alarm Achievement
  82. Tasks on Meadow World
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  84. Lottery tickets
  85. Hallowe'en Hunt
  86. Ghost hunt, a doubt
  87. All Sugar Beet Juice and Luck GONE
  88. Growth Races - a survey
  89. Problem when using Chrome
  90. I have a HUGE problem...!
  91. Upgrading from Karl to Ina as a mine worker
  92. Where is the *ideas & wish list* forum?
  93. To dye or not
  94. AVG is recognizing some ads as having trojans
  95. A BIG Thank You
  96. Quick questions...
  97. What does the Pot of Gold Crystal do?
  98. Can I wait to collect from the Djin until after transformation?
  99. Stag sprout, hare gorse, winged sprout, carapace mushroom seeds
  100. Theme Dates & Times
  101. email address for new contest doesn't work
  102. Dragons and their names
  103. Sorcerers, Witches and learning to fly
  104. Mira - A Multi Faceted Gaming Experience
  105. Strong Mine Crystal
  106. Magic Seedling
  107. Kick out Visitors
  108. How often can you collect new eggs?
  109. Mira, PLEASE give me something to spend my rubies on...
  110. Ka Ching Code????
  111. Comments about the Update of April 14/16
  112. What does the smiley face on the valley map mean?
  113. Need confirmation: will purple island choice and Starter Package work together?
  114. Forum posting
  115. Whats going on with Mira today?
  116. Selling furniture items?
  117. Mystery "bonus task"
  118. World tree upgraded
  119. How can I return to popping right to a new spot, rather than slow-walking?
  120. Village Looking For Players
  121. About update 28th june
  122. HR'S and RUBY Bo'S
  123. World Wanderer
  124. Dwarf upgrade
  125. changes in the valley . . .feedback thread
  126. Milk & Honey collection
  127. What is the coolest "Day of special Rewards" prize that you have received?
  128. The new mini game
  129. Is there a way to make the game Full screen?
  130. Alchemy prize question
  131. When can we please start treating all villages/players fairly again?
  132. Can't figure out this mushroom weirdness!
  133. Fungi Fortune or, What is the Lucky Mushroom(s)?
  134. Pet/Follower
  135. Do we get to keep the purple robe?
  136. Does Vacation Mode put a hold on Ina/Karl ?
  137. Help placing bought magnet in new portal library
  138. Experience Mushies
  139. the new mushroom spells
  140. Competition Fairness
  141. Vaporise Spell ... Where's it Hiding?
  142. Teaser May 2017
  143. Is there any advantage to having more than 7 transformations?
  144. Question: Pet Nara and Doro
  145. New Game question
  146. Lost in space! Erm... maze... HELP!
  147. Book Tips
  148. Question
  149. Is it possible for an entire village to move to a different valley?
  150. Does anyone have pictures of the different Birthday clothes?
  151. Have you ever gotten a ? for a prize : )
  152. Teaser August 2017
  153. Should Fareeja's puzzles work yet?
  154. [FORWARDED]Notice of Changelog of September 2017
  155. Great work on the Autumn designs
  156. Magic Lab Prizes
  157. Ghost Night daily treasure
  158. Question
  159. The Green Crystal Island.
  160. Gold Club on sale
  161. can someone explain
  162. vacation and the ruby mine
  163. Miramagia game itself
  164. Big Pictures
  165. Susie's Maze Error?
  166. Best plants to grow - for XP and Gold
  167. Gold Account and XP mushrooms
  168. Question
  169. Gold club on discount
  170. voucher
  171. New here
  172. all servers that will close (ALL UNITED)
  174. In Debt
  175. Tree spell costs mana
  176. rubies
  177. companion app
  178. Players names
  179. Question: Flying Talisman
  180. Flash Player and Miramagia
  181. Ideas thread
  182. Fairy's as a reward
  183. Beginner post
  184. Schax's Calendar
  185. The new dragon
  186. Deco Profile (Photo's)