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    It turned out that Sir Johnnes was the seventh son of a King in a faraway land, and, so he had been sent to a neighbouring kingdom to see k his fortune.

    This neighbouring kingdom's ruler had 7 daughters; so the idea was to match the daughters with 'spare' sons.

    However, there were more princes than there were princesses, and so a plan was devised to set a challenge . . and the challenge was to kill a marauding dragon, take proof to the King the father, and then the Prince could marry one of the daughters.

    The problem was . . obvious. There aren't many dragons left on the 'real world'. Or at least, not ones that matched the descriptions on the texts. And so the Princes either gave up and went home; or ranged further and further, following rumour and myth to track down these elusive yet magical creatures.

    Sir Johannes had traversed mountains and dales, fields and marshland, he'd found ancient scraps of parchment which seemed to hint at fore breathing monsters here, or there, yet each time it lead to a dead end, to a pile of ash and broken hopes.

    Then it seemed his luck changed.

    In traditional faiytale style, his travels took him past a small wooded area where he heard a quavering cry 'Help!'

    On investigation he found an elderly lady, her foot twisted under and a small dog tangling it's leash around her stick. Hastily turning off the engine of his Harley Davidson, he disentangled the dog, braving it's yaps and nips with stoic determination, and then assisted the elderly lady to a convenient log. he checked the ankle, and bound it tightly.

    With his assistance, she and her dog made their way to a small cottage just on the edge of the wooded area; her home, she explained.

    Looking keenly around the cottage he declined her offer of a bed for the night, but agreed to a replenishment of food. Home baked bread, and a chunk of cheese, a refull of his water boittles and some very sweet apples were stowed away into the panniers of the bike.

    'The last thing, young sir, ' quavered the elderly lady, ' I hear tell of a land with dragons - just past the sunset, turn right at dawn; look for the phoenix and be surprised at nothing. There. your fate awaits.'

    Bowing courteously, Sir Johannes thanked her, and mounted his bike. Sunset? West? well, that was as good a direction as any, he thought, and so he set off.
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